Flooring FAQ’s

wood, laminate and spc flooring timber frequently asked questions,Faq

Check here find Wood flooring,laminate flooring,spc floorboard answers to questions your have about floorboard.

engineered timber frequently asked questions

Engineered wood flooring is the most popular globally, it looks and feels more like solid wood flooring, but this flooring is very stable and easy to install. Check here to find answers to questions you have about Engineered flooring. Hardwood timber wood flooring Frequently asked questions.

laminate floors

Laminate floorboard is High-Density fiberboard-based flooring product, low cost, but it with wood grain pattern in decorative paper in wearing film. Click here to find answers to questions you have about laminate flooring. Laminate flooring FAQ.

spc flooring nz

SPC flooring is similar to WPC flooring and LVT, but SPC is Stone plastic composite flooring. And SPC flooring is 100% waterproof and stable for commercial or residential. Find here is answers to questions you have about SPC flooring. Frequently asked questions.

install timber frequently asked questions

Install flooring is essential, and that is too many different things for flooring fitting and many different standards. So find here is answers to questions about the point of install flooring. Install Frequently asked questions

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