Laminate vs. SPC Flooring: Which Is Better? This Will Help You Decide!

Laminate vs. SPC Flooring: Which Is Better? This Will Help You Decide!

By looking at the Floor, we might not identify the differences between Laminate Flooring and SPC Flooring at first glance. They both have the almost same look, and many of us might mistakenly know that both Laminate and SPC Flooring are the same.

In this article, we discussed their composition, features, and functions. And try to understand the difference. So, based on that, we can easily decide what can be a better option for us: Laminate vs SPC Flooring.

Let’s compare..!!

1. Core Material

●             Laminate Flooring

The material used to make laminate flooring is high-density fiberboard (HDF), made from compressed wood fiber. To increase the durability of Laminate flooring, the core material used to make higher quality laminate flooring is water-resistant HDF.

●             SPC Flooring

The material used to make the core layer of SPC flooring is composed of mixed limestone and PVC-based resin. Solid stone polymer composite (SPC) has a high density, so its durability can also sustain heavy foot traffic and is waterproof.

2. Cost

Price always depends on the quality of the flooring you are requiring.

●             Laminate Flooring

If we talk about the general price based on the quality of the flooring, the cheapest and low-quality laminate flooring will cost us around $12.88 per square meter. If we look for high-quality flooring, it will cost around $32 per square meter. Normal and medium-range laminate flooring can cost us $23 per square meter. very Important is AC grade.

●             SPC Flooring

Yes, quality also plays a role in the final cost of SPC flooring. But, we can say that, on averagely, medium-ranged SPC flooring will cost us around $28-32 per square meter.

And if we talked about the top quality Luxury SPC or Luxury SPC tile, it will surely cost us between $35 to $40 per square meter.

3. Flooring Maintenance

●             Laminate Flooring

It is somewhat sensitive to water and moisture. So, if we are thinking of using Laminate flooring at home, we need to make sure that it will remain dry. And while doing the cleaning, we have to avoid using a very wet mop.

●             SPC Flooring

Cleaning SPC flooring is easy, and we can easily do it with damp mopping and sweeping. SPC flooring is waterproof, but still, it is advisable to take the proper care of it.

4. Scratching

Many of us want to know about the scratching resistance capacity of these flooring.

SPC flooring is not scratching resistance do not challenge it with sharp objects.

Laminate flooring is better scratching resistance but do not challenge it with sharp objects.

6. Water Resistance

●             Laminate Flooring

As we already discussed that the core material of laminate flooring is made with wood fiber. So, laminate flooring is defenseless against moisture and water.

Poor maintenance, water leaking, splashing rain, pipe bursting can easily damage the Laminate flooring.

●             SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring is water resistant, and it is the main reason why SPC flooring is mostly used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas, etc.

Here, we need to note that if we used low-quality SPC flooring, it might not be as effective as high-quality flooring.

So, we need to be clear with the purpose of our flooring usage, and if it is affordable, SPC flooring with good water resistance is highly recommended.

6. Thickness

●             Laminate Flooring

With all the layers and materials used, Laminate flooring has a thickness of around 8 to 12 mm. It is thicker compared to SPC flooring.

●             SPC Flooring

The average thickness can be around 3.8mm and even max Up to 5mm. If we used Heavy-duty SPC flooring, it could have a thickness of 5mm.

7. Flooring Warranty

●             Laminate Flooring

When we use the Laminate flooring, we will get somewhat around 10-30 years or less warranty time. Yes, it is long if we compare it with the warranty time of SPC flooring. but please understand what is type of warranty,

●             SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is more durable and offers longer warranty times with high-quality material. And if we are using it for residential purposes warranty can be around 10-15 years, and for commercial purposes, it can be around 5-10 years.

Conclusion: Best Flooring?

Now, it is pretty clear that both floorings have lots of differences. If we manage the flooring well, both are the best options for the homeowners and are cost-effective.

It all depends on our requirements and lifestyle. If you still have any doubts about what flooring type you can go with, take a call with experts now. Floorco has a professional flooring team to give you feasible advice and suggestions.

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