Spc wood

Natural wood color SPC flooring gives a more traditional look, for those who enjoy the classics. Not too bright and not too dark, this range of engineered flooring sits neatly in the middle, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere to just about any room you can think to lay it. The beautiful stained finish radiates from each individual plank, giving your home a new lease of life, without shouting for your attention.

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browse our range of natural wood colors looking to find your perfect style. These warm shades offer a natural look, perfect for a rustic, traditional living room or kitchen. we understand that your flooring is bound to take a lot of tread over the years, and it can be all too easy for scratches, dents, and bumps to appear. Not with our range – the special way that is SPC means that it is built to last and shouldn’t incur damage easily. The most popular tone is natural oak shades of SPC flooring. Using mid oak or natural color SPC flooring throughout rooms can help bring your interior together. It also offers practical benefits by not showing every speck of dirt and dust, without being too dark. Browse through our extensive range of medium natural color SPC flooring shades

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