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FLOORCO supplies real wood timber Floorboard and floating flooring products in NZ market, we are base in Auckland. Floorco is important of protecting our planet and our forests, and our families.

Firstly,  we are elect those products and brands having the certificates of FSC, CE, PEFC, A+, Blue Angel, ISO 9001, and ISO 1400. Secondly, FLOORCO has tried and always been trying its best to provide high-quality wood timber and great services to our valued customers in New Zealand.

Floorco’s main product is wooden timber including solid hardwood, engineered flooring, and laminate flooring nz. Trusted supplier,Flooroco has been in the industry for over 30 years and has earned an excellent reputation as a reliable wooden flooring supplier.

Checking out our Testimonials or search on google to see our customer feedback. World-leading brands, environment-friendly products those more than 100-years history leading brands covering timber, laminate floorboard, manufactured floors in Europe with the highest level of quality and environmental concern.

Don’t like our competitors; we have an extensive range of products and stock volumes to provide quick response and available products; we offer more than 150 options to our customers, covering timber, laminate, and vinyl plank.

Expert Knowledge and solution with more than 30 years of experience in the timber flooring industry, we have plenty of knowledge and expertise to support our customers and supply near a perfect solution for any floor conditions. Low-profit Policy better products, lower pricing ce, low pro are always our priority. For example, beating any same products lower price by 10%!

FLOORCO design centre over 420sqm new showroom in North-shore. more colors, more ideas, more design! Buy Real wood, laminate & SPC flooring in NZ. Get quality products at a smart price. Free sample order and New Zealand-wide delivery Now.

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