Flooring Accessories Floating floor EPE Underlay

Flooring underlay  | Floorco Accessories  | 1m x 10 m |

Product thickness: 3 mm | EPE  |

Product code: Underlay EPE


Laminate Flooring Accessories Floating floor EPE 3mm quality Underlay

Fitting a floor, you’ll likely need some wood floor underlay for the surface before installing the wood flooring itself. This range of the best underlay for wooden floors has been chosen specifically to suit our own product range so you’ll find everything you need on the site. There are a range of wood floor underlay products available, such as a budget option, a moisture barrier underlay and an option that is suitable for underfloor heating systems.

Advanced manufacturing technology makes EPE (Polyethylene) foam highly resistant to punctures, tears and impact. Made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) PE foam which provides excellent surface protection and cushioning for everything from laminate insulation, roof insulation to caravan insulation.

underlay is made of a layer of plastic film and polyethylene foam bonding. The thickness and toughness of the mulch are very high, not easy to deteriorate, whether it is wood laminate flooring or laminate flooring, suspended installation are used such materials. The correct method of laying the mat is close to the ground lying, film face down, foam face up, after laying the floor again on the membrane. Moisture beneath the floor is released directly in the floor expansion joints around the room, so there is no problem of airtightness. The more ideal thickness of the mulch is more than 0.2mm, which mainly plays the role of moisture insulation.

The main function of plastic film is to prevent moisture and moisture so as to prevent the wood floor from deformation due to reverse moisture osmosis. Second, it is quiet, to avoid the floor and cement floor direct friction sound. The third is to level the ground. If the ground is slightly uneven, lay the plastic film, which can play a role in leveling the ground.

Installation type: Floating
Made: EPE
Coverage: 10m2
Thickness: 3mm
Density: Low
length: 10m
Wide: 1m
Leveling: NO
Timber Sub-floor: YES
Concrete Sub-floor: YES
Under floor heating: NO
Laminate flooring: YES
Engineered flooring: YES
SPC flooring/ WPC / LVT : NO
Application areas: Kitchen + Commercial
Private living area
Social housing
Installation method Floating

Laminate Flooring Accessories Floating floor EPE 3mm quality Underlay