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The laminate product is Nature wood looking and Real Feeling with a very great price. The first laminate was made in 1977 in Sweden. But at that time, laminate products are not of high quality. Since the 1980 s, laminate is achieved, but now, laminate is the most popular floor product globally. Laminate wood products is a composite products made up of at least four distinct layers.

Each of the layers is fused to provide a sheet from which boards are cut and edge profiled. They are made from, Decor, the design layer, the core layer, and the backing layer. FLOORCO supplies value floors and European-made quality laminated products. Inclusive Krono, Wineo, BinylPRO

Laminate flooring is a composite product made up of at least four distinct layers. Each of the layers is fused to provide a sheet from which boards are cut and edge profiled. The construction is generally as follows: Surface or upper wear layer, Décor, design or decorative layer, Substrate or core layer, Backing or balancing layer.

Floorco imports many different collections, including Krono original, BinylPro laminate, or Atwood floors, As a composite product, Laminate has many layers. A sheet is made by fusing each of the layers; boards are cut from the sheet and then profiled to the edge.

About laminate floors edge jointing systems

Each of the edge jointing systems is special and has its profile for that they are manifold and are usually patented designs with such names: Uniclic, Forma-Lock, Kwik-Fit, Lock Fold, and 1Click2go pure

The point is, for preventing separation, edge jointing systems need to have enough power and sufficient locking force. Here should mention that differences exist in the strength and speed of installation and some other aspects between locking systems.

The installation method would be influenced by the file types used, and there are two different file types at the ends of the board. One method is called “angle-angle” installation. It refers to a method that which the end of the board is installed and then angled when installed into the end joint of an installed board before joining the edge joint, just as the profile requires.

When using this method, it is often necessary to use tapping blocks to ensure the tight connection of the board edges. The other one is ‘drop lock.’During installation, the long side of the panel would be tilted to the correct position, and the termination points would lock when the board is lowered into place.

As for this style, the next row of boards is crucial for completing the board termination.

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