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Discover the allure of our laminate flooring, a product that flawlessly emulates the beauty of natural wood while offering a tactile experience akin to real timber, all at an exceptionally attractive price point. Originating in Sweden in 1977, laminate flooring has undergone a remarkable evolution. Initially, its quality was modest, but significant advancements since the 1980s have elevated it to a position of global renown, making it one of the most sought-after flooring solutions today.

Our laminate flooring is a marvel of engineering, comprising at least four integral layers, each contributing to its overall durability and aesthetic appeal. These layers are expertly fused to form sheets from which individual boards are precision-cut and meticulously edged. The construction typically includes a robust surface or upper wear layer, a visually striking décor or design layer, a sturdy substrate or core layer, and a stabilizing backing or balancing layer.

FLOORCO takes pride in supplying a diverse range of value floors and high-quality European-made laminated products, including esteemed brands like Krono, Berryalloc, and BinylPROs. Our expansive collection features various designs and styles, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your space.

In our portfolio, you’ll find a myriad of collections, such as Krono Original, BinylPro, and Berryalloc, Stepcasa, 8MIL Each laminate product is a testament to the intricate layering process, where each layer is fused to create a sheet from which boards are cut and edge-profiled. This multi-layered composition not only enhances the product’s aesthetics but also bolsters its durability and longevity.

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