Barlinek wood flooring

Barlinek real wood flooring is 100% made in Europe


Barlinek Group, renowned as one of the premier manufacturers of layered wood floors globally, boasts an impressive production capacity of up to 12 million square meters annually. This European flooring brand is widely recognized in the market for its high-quality offerings, which extend beyond the acclaimed Barlinek floorboard. Their product range includes specialized flooring for sports facilities, elegant skirting boards, and eco-friendly wood biofuels, including high-grade wood pellets and fireplace briquettes.

The commitment of Barlinek to ecological sustainability and environmental neutrality is evident in its product development and manufacturing processes. The company places a high emphasis on the application of technology that aligns with its eco-friendly ethos. This dedication is not only reflected in their end products but is also ingrained in their operational philosophy.

Barlinek’s pursuit of environmental excellence is further demonstrated by the constant modernization of its facilities and substantial investments in cutting-edge technology. These efforts have positioned Barlinek as one of the most environmentally responsible companies in the wood flooring industry worldwide.

The company’s approach to environmental stewardship extends beyond mere compliance with legal requirements. For Barlinek, environmental protection is a key component of their long-term development strategy, showcasing that corporate responsibility and sustainable practices can be integral to a company’s success.

Barlinek is 100% made in Europe, with Real wood flooring.

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