Hybrid Commercial grade

Commercial SPC hybrid flooring Auckland NZ, High-traffic areas generally hold up well to the normal wear and tear flooring are subjected to every day.

What is different between commercial and Residential grade?

(1) Commercial grade is 0.5mm hard-wearing

(2)Commercial grade Over 5mm stone core.

(3)spc flooring is Suitable for commercial yard.

SPC rigid core vinyl flooring is 100% eco-friendly because it uses environment-friendly formula. It does not contain heavy metals, phthalate, methanol, and other harmful substances. It is becoming very popular in Europe, other well-developed countries like the United States, as well as the Asia Pacific market. By virtue of its excellent stability and durability, SPC rigid vinyl flooring not only solves the solid wood flooring damp and mold problem but also solves formaldehyde problems. It is economic and also has different color patterns to choose from. Great for home, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and buildings.

These are only some of the many great advantages of having an SPC rigid core vinyl flooring. It’s eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and very affordable. You will certainly never go wrong with an SPC rigid core vinyl flooring.

SPC commercial grade hybrid flooring is actually one of the most economical products to use to upgrade your current floors. The general cost averages between $38–$42 per square meter. Often cost can be significantly reduced if you can install it yourself.


SPC products are plastic which has a benefit in them being moisture-resistant and therefore not subject to dimension change with humidity; however, they are subject to dimensional change with changing temperature, which similarly needs to be attended to at installation. thery expand and contract depending on the temperature. If the temperature rises, then the flooring will expand in both width and length, and the contrary is that a lowering in temperature will cause the flooring to contract. The greater the variation between summer and winter, the greater the seasonal movement that will occur and, therefore, the need for trims within the floor.

do not install directly to the bathroom or toilet. Should be waterproofing your bathroom or toilet and pass council check before install SPC flooring. Do not install SPC flooring to the shower box.

Commercial SPC hybrid flooring, AUCKLAND, NZ

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