VSPC flooring, short for Veneer Stone Plastic Composite, is an innovative product that combines an SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) core with a genuine wood layer.

This flooring maintains the natural appearance and texture of wood flooring while incorporating the durable characteristics of Stone Plastic Composite. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and has undergone rigorous laboratory testing to confirm its exceptional performance. Additionally, the wood surface adds a stylish, natural, and elegant aesthetic to the product without a hefty price tag.

The core is constructed from stable wood-plastic or microcrystalline stone, providing stability that surpasses traditional wooden cores. It offers excellent resistance to moisture and fire, outperforming solid wood or multi-layer solid wood flooring. The wood component provides comfort and flexibility, along with impressive sound insulation and shock absorption properties.

VSPC (Veneer SPC flooring) represents a new product category that we’ve introduced to New Zealand. It enhances SPC flooring with stability and an authentic wood appearance, making the concept of waterproof wood flooring a reality.

Please note that it is essential to use a moisture barrier film or ( waterproofing membrane (moisture barrier film is not the same as the underlayment) with VSPC flooring. Failure to use a moisture barrier film may allow moisture to penetrate the flooring through gaps. the flooring may warp or even crack without proper sealing to prevent moisture from seeping in. It’s crucial to seal the surface to prevent moisture damage!

Please note that resistance to impact is limited, and scratch resistance is also limited.

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