20mm thick hardwood flooring

Our 20mm thick engineered wood flooring retains the natural look and feel of a solid wood floor, with the added benefit of strength and stability throughout. Due to its robust structural properties, our 20mm engineered wood flooring is ideal for installation in conjunction with under-floor heating systems and in areas of fluctuating humidity.View our 15mm hardwood flooring and 14mm hardwood flooring find your perfect floor today.

For busy homes that are always full of energy, 20mm thick engineered wood flooring is a truly unbeatable choice. As the thickest engineered flooring available, you know that your floors will stand up to the test of time. Composed of a compressed timber core and a solid wood surface layer, our 20mm boards look and feel identical to traditional hardwood flooring, with an improved lifespan and durability. This breath-taking thickness allows for a wear layer of up to 6mm deep! As a result, you’ll be able to sand and refinish your floors over and over again, so they will always look stunning.

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