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Michelle Z

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Wendy Xing

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118 Carbine Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Terry Shi & Michelle Z

Phone: 021-1990887 &  021-0591393

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25 Enterprise Street, Birkenhead, Auckland

Zoey & Terry & Michelle

 Phone: 021-08375138 & 021-1990887 & 021-0591393

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Now, Floorco has become one of the largest hardwood, laminate, SPC flooring importers and suppliers in New Zealand flooring. After that, Floorco has built up a very strong supply chain. We have been stocking an incredibly broad range of products, from gorgeous engineered and laminate flooring to elegant spc flooring.

With overall landed stock of almost 300,000sqm. We keep a broad portfolio of products to cater for every taste, but it does not stop there.We have been working closely with our customers to keep up with the tren and research new ideas and products to lead the trend. Above all,we supply and importer over 10 brands flooring products from industry-leading brands of world.

On the other hand Our large warehouse and volume of stock ensure our customers can get what they want immediately.

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