12mm laminate

We have a variety of 12mm laminate flooring for you to choose from, ranging in colour, tone, and finish to suit every style and taste. Offering increased durability, better insulating properties, improved damage resistance, and acoustics browse the full range here and find your perfect 12mm laminate floor.View our 8mm laminate flooring and 10mm laminate floors find your perfect floor today.

It is the ideal choice for areas in the home that get the most foot traffic, for example, hallways, landings, stairs, and kitchens. This is because 12mm laminate is the top end of laminate thickness. It provides a much softer feel underfoot and better sound absorption. It is designed to soak up sounds, making it perfect for those busy areas of the home.

It can also support more weight and is more impact-resistant than other types of thinner laminate. Thanks to the thickness of this flooring, it’s incredibly durable and can withstand the daily pressures of a busy family home.

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