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History repeats itself — that’s nothing new. Every creator reaches for the classics of yesteryear to use in contemporary designs. What was once fashionable returns, but in a surprising new version. The same is true of interior trends. For some time now there has been a fashion for the styles of those times, served to us in an unexpected way.

Smoky colors matching

flooring specialists In the modern housing decoration, wooden flooring laying is quite usual. In New Zealand, more and more people […]

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Design your own space

A light wood floors is a timeless trend in interior design. It visually enlarges the room, and also brightens it. So it works well even in a small space. What’s more, it adds lightness, and is a beautiful background for highlighting furniture and accessories. Light wood floors look good in European . A light wood floors is also a good basis for creating a modern and functional arrangement.


Design your own space

A grey engineered wood flooring is eagerly used in classic arrangements and modern interiors. Its colour looks remarkable and certainly stands out against the wood-coloured boards and those painted in white. Importantly, grey wood floors are universal and fit into rooms in various modes (they perfectly fit into the vintage style). The right accessories will allow you to create various arrangements. Depending on the decor, interiors with natural engineered wood flooring can be both warm and cool.

Why we call Parquet

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It’s unbelievable that Parquet flooring ever fell out of fashion. First used by King louis XIV In Versailles, France in 1684. The flooring was made by hand with unique geometric shapes, which was the most expensive and rare flooring in that time but expanded quickly to the highest level of Europe among royal families and grand public buildings.

A floor is not enough

Design your own space

A subdued, cosy and warm interior, with designer features giving an original way to display the natural beauty of wood. A variety of wood types, finishes and board widths are available.

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