How to choose color with our kitchen?

kitchen floors for White color.

In this video, our designer selects white wood color flooring to match white, black and grey color kitchen. This combination can boost the bright and spaciousness of kitchen.

The kitchen is very important room where people naturally gather, which means the floors products needs to be durable enough to withstand a high volume of foot traffic. People can be stood up for a long time as well, whether socializing or preparing food, so you should make comfort a priority.

Although these are important issues there is also the cost and style of the product to take into account. However comfortable and durable your kitchen flooring products, you shouldn’t have to compromise on the appearance.

The kitchen is a lovely space that people prefer to gathering around for socialising and cooking together. When you decide what option best fits your kitchen, comfortable always comes in the top priority. The kitchen flooring has to withstand a high volume of foot traffic, which means durability and quality of the flooring products are especially important. You also have to take in consideration of the cost, style, maintenance and the appearance of the flooring as well as personal preference.

Laminate floors for Kitchen

Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for most homes’ kitchen. This durable product comes in a wide range of real timber looks, different colours and affordable price. Lamanites are very easy to look after that could be a hassle-free option for busy households. These fantastic kitchen floors also come with different level of durability that you can choose a higher AC rating of laminate if heavy foot traffic in the kitchen required.

Luxury Vinyl for Kitchen

Luxury Vinyl flooring with a water-resistant surface is ideally suited for kitchens. This product is made by advanced technologies that replicate the latest look and feel of the timber, stone and ceramic. Different styles can easily match your kitchen design.

The top coat wear layer is applied to make the plants more durable. Regular mopping and sweeping will maintain the appearance of Luxury Vinyl flooring that makes it an easy-care option for your kitchen. The durable vinyl planks are comparatively cheaper to real wood or stone with a relatively quick installation method that will save you in the long run.

Engineered wood for Kitchen

As a natural product, engineered wood flooring comes with knots, colour and grain variation that brings timeless looks, luxurious and enduring properties for your kitchen. Stability is a real benefit of this product that you don’t worry about its shrinking or growing with humidity.

The engineered wood flooring allows you to sand it down and refinish it, which can ensure the flooring looks as good as the day it was laid.

Floorco provides a wide range of engineered wood flooring across a variety of price points. It gives you various choice to design your dream kitchen and fits your lifestyle.

kitchen flooring
kitchen wood flooring
kitchen laminate flooring

Natural wood color matching kitchen.

Through This video, you can see our designer Terry choose to combine natural wood color floors with white & black or grey color designing which makes the kitchen looks stunning.

kitchen spc flooring
kitchen hardwood flooring
kitchen flooring products

Brown wood color matching kitchen

Each designer devised their own unique style for an excellent interior. In this video, the designer chooses brown wood color flooring to combine the kitchen. This match shows the style of the ancients.

flooring for kitchen
flooring product for kitchen
waterproof flooring for kichen

Dark color floors matching kitchen

Through this video, the designer picks the dark wood color floors to match the kitchen. This combination makes the kitchen looks dignified and stately.

dining laminate flooring
dining flooring
dining wood flooring
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