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SPC Flooring instruction

SPC Flooring instruction

SPC FLOORING LAYING PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING Thoroughly examine the flooring prior to installation for a grade, color, finish, and quality. Ensure adequate lighting for proper inspection. SPC products are plastic which has a benefit in them being moisture-resistant and therefore not subject to […]

Krono Original Laminate flooring instructions

Krono Original Laminate flooring instructions

Krono Flooring instructions 1clic2go pure Installation Important notice: prior to and during the flooring installation, please read the installation instructions completely! The flooring procedure is accomplished according to ATV DIN 18365. Follow these instructions precisely, in order to retain full claim privilege on the guarantee. […]

Laminate flooring instructions

laminate flooring install LAMINATE FLOORING INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Note: The floor layer must examine the laying surface before installing the floor covering and, if necessary, report any issues. Particularly in the case of: Significant unevenness Cracks in the substrate Insufficiently dry substrate A substrate surface which […]

Barlinek Engineered wood flooring instructions

Barlinek Engineered wood flooring instructions

HOW TO FITTING WOOD FLOORING, HARDWOOD TIMBER INSTALL BARLINEK ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORING – GLUE-DOWN INSTALLATION Purchased packages of wooden floors should be placed horizontally in the room where the Barlinek board is to be laid for a period of at least 48 hours, in the […]

Barlinek Herringbone installation instructions

Barlinek Herringbone installation instructions

Installation instructions CLASSIC HERRINGBONE GLUE-DOWN INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Classic herringbone is a floor pattern that gives any interior elegance and prestige. In the Pure Classico Line collection you will find floorboards that allow you to lay your wood flooring in a herringbone pattern. They are available […]


Engineered wood instructions

INSTALL WOOD FLOORING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS STEP #1 – Establish a starting line For best visual effect, it is recommended that flooring be installed parallel to the longest wall in the room. Using a chalk line the area between the wall and the chalk line […]

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