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FLOORCO is recognized as one of New Zealand’s premier flooring suppliers, established in Auckland in 2015. The company’s founders, leveraging a rich heritage of over 60 years in the flooring industry across both trade and manufacturing disciplines, have meticulously crafted a robust supply chain.

This vertically integrated supply structure, spanning from raw material sourcing to manufacturing, significantly reduces operational costs. As a result, FLOORCO is positioned to offer an array of high-quality flooring options at competitively low prices.

Our inventory boasts an extensive selection, encompassing over 1,000 products and 300,000 square meters of flooring from both leading industry brands and our exclusive in-house labels.

Our product range is meticulously curated to meet diverse aesthetic and functional needs, offering a broad spectrum of colors, shades, and finishes. Whether our clients seek SPC flooring, engineered wood, or laminate solutions, our portfolio is designed to cater to a wide array of preferences.

FLOORCO’s expansive warehouse infrastructure ensures the immediate availability of our comprehensive stock, affirming our commitment to meeting customer demands promptly and efficiently.

This logistical advantage underscores our dedication to superior customer service and operational excellence, making us a preferred partner in the flooring industry.


The showroom of FLOORCO located in Birkenhead has been completed and is now open for business.

This year, we provided services for 5,500 houses and received widespread acclaim.

The Auckland Home Show restarted, and FLOORCO achieved great success.

In partnership with Intertek, the world’s largest laboratory, FLOORCO’s product lineup was thoroughly assessed and tested, yielding exceptional results.

To offer customers a broader selection, FLOORCO introduced products from the European manufacturer BerryAlloc.

Supporting KidsCan and engaging in charity work has been our consistent commitment over the years.

This year, despite global supply chain challenges, we served over 5,000 homeowners with high-quality, affordable flooring products, receiving widespread praise.

Starting September 2022, FLOORCO will offer reliable delivery services in Auckland to enhance customer experience.

In 2022, we will continue to provide donations to Kidscan to help children in need.

To provide a one-stop floor solution, we have started importing tiles, enabling us to offer high-quality, cost-effective materials to our customers through our supply chain.

In 2021, despite higher ocean freight and product costs, Floorco limited price hikes to 15%, showcasing cost management and customer affordability.

Facing global supply chain issues, Floorco added 2000 sqm of warehouse space in Auckland, near their trading center, to ensure timely, quality service.

In 2021, FLOORCO initiated philanthropy, aiming to support those in need and assist the community, with Kidscan being our inaugural endeavor.

Despite industry chaos, FLOORCO serviced 4,000+ homes, thanks to our team and clients’ support.

We’ve moved to Mt Wellington, with a new 1100sqm warehouse and 250sqm showroom, offering more flooring options and in-stock products from our new site.

Following a COVID-19 case in New Zealand, Floorco’s management trained employees on safety protocols, including mask-wearing, maintaining a 2-meter distance, and stopping work if unwell, prioritizing employee safety.

By 31 Dec 2019, Floorco served 12,000+ NZ homeowners with widely recognized flooring products and services.

In November 2019, we launched a new laminate flooring brand, STEPCASA.

Floorco had attended the Auckland Home Show for four years straight, effectively promoting its own and agency brands, and earning widespread user acclaim.

we partnered with BARLINEK, the world’s leading engineered wood flooring manufacturer, to offer superior products to more New Zealanders.

We launched the Flooring Design Centre in Birkenhead, Auckland, showcasing the latest products and superior service.

Floorco brought two German brands to the Auckland Home Show.

Floorco introduced the new SPC waterproof flooring collection into the New Zealand market.

Floorco successfully represents KRONOSPAN, the world’s top laminate flooring brand, with KRONO ORIGINAL.

In September 2017, Floorco’s Auckland Home Show effectively promoted the Antico and Laminate brands.

The First Laminate flooring batch arrived in Auckland, broadening Floorco’s range for New Zealand’s market.

Floorco became ANTICO HANDCRAFTED flooring’s agent, launching in Auckland by April. ANTICO offers unique, handcrafted flooring, and 5,750 sqm yearly sales in New Zealand.

Floorco debuted at the Auckland Home Show, promoting ATWOOD FLOORS and attracting customer attention in its first major flooring exhibition.

ATWOOD FLOORS Engineered Wood, Floorco’s brand, launched in New Zealand, marking its initial brand strategy step with cost-effective positioning.

The First batch of goods arrived at the port of Auckland. All products were sold out by the end of October due to the excellent quality and low price.

Founded in May 2015 by Terry Shi with a 50-year family background in flooring, Floorco enjoys strong support from numerous manufacturers.

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