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It is perfect in imperfection.

Italy flooring ANTICO PAVIMENTI IN LTGNO is European oak flooring hand-crafted collection, with a modern and rustic combination of style, gives to flooring a peculiar enchant and character.It is perfect in imperfection.

Every artisan at Antico has the ability to read textures of wood, and seriously treat all cracks and knots on their originality. From design to filling, they are carefully sculpted, uses tools brushing the surface depth bit by bit until each piece of wood plank become a unique work of art, giving room a new look of experience.


Roma Natural Oak,the nature-toned surface used by wax oil treatment technology bringing a classic, relaxed look to the room, giving people a full sense of harmony and nature.

oak flooring

Light toned flooring is also a popular product of the current trend. This colour goes well with everything – when match with dark furniture which create a stylish and elegant modern atmosphere. When match with dark carpets. The room is not only warm but also harmonious.

Firenze Brown Oak,The rich and attractive brown toned shows the texture of the wood very vividly, making people feel that they are in the forest. The simple and rough texture creates a more nostalgic ground effect.  

European oak flooring

Venezia Smoked wood flooring,The smoked colour comes from the fashion industry with a full of layering and three-dimensional sense. Antico has made this colour to more nature, also has a more retro style give people a sense of publicity and calmness.

Italy style flooring Torino Black wood flooring,Dark toned is like a cup of rich and full body mocha, releases stress, give you sense of stability and security.   

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