European Oak vs American Oak

European or American white oak timber floors

European Oak vs American white Oak timber flooring

Oak is an incredibly popular type of timber that has been utilized in most flooring, furniture, interior design and construction projects throughout history. There are two kinds of oak which are enjoy the most popularity in the market, including European oak and American oak. They are strong and durable, with a longstanding reputation of longevity.

European oak is inclusive France oak, Russian oak, England oak , Other oak in Europe

Is native hardwood to Europe, which is a temperate hardwood that grows taller than the average American Oak. The Oak in European is often used for specialty longer length planks.

American Oak is also a temperate hardwood predominantly found in Eastern North America, and it tends to grow shorter and thicker.

The France Oak,Russian oak or England and American oak will be compared by the following aspects:

1. Color tone:

England oak and Russian oak is generally tends to be a little darker tone with a naturally rich and warm golden honey color.

Whereas, American white Oak and France oak is subtly lighter with the occasional pinkish tones.

2. Grain pattern:

European oak tends to present a distinctive variation, wavy grain pattern with a display of mysterious ribbon-like marks across the grain known as ‘medullary rays’.

While, American white Oak and Russian oak is known for its uniform and clean appearance, tending to have a large and predominantly straight grain pattern.

3. Color variation:

Russian oak and England oak has a more even color tone from board to board than American Oak wood flooring.

American withe Oak and France oak, Other Europe oak shows greater differences between lighter and darker shades in the grain pattern.

4. Finishing:

European Oak flooring has a higher tannin content which enables it to absorb stains much more than American Oak flooring. Meanwhile, the reaction of European oak is better than American oak when subjected to reactive stains, fuming and aging processes.

5. Stability:

Russian oak and France oak has narrower cells than American Oak. It means the moisture is less likely to get inside the European Oak timber (when this happens timber will warp) and the Oak in Europe present better stability than American Oak when they meet the moisture ground.

All in all, while the European Oak and American white Oak are both great options for flooring, they will offers an extra strength, durability, color, and grain pattern, which makes the oak flooring much more desirable.

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