How to care and clean or maintenances wood flooring?

How to care and clean or maintenances wood flooring?

Wood flooring care or maintenances and clean

Hardwood Flooring adds beauty, value, and classic style to your home. You can keep your Hardwood floors looking great by following these helpful care tips.

How to Care & maintenance Wax/UV oiled wood Flooring

All oiled floors should be thoroughly cleaned right after installation and as part of a regular cleaning regime. The surface will then be more hardwearing and easier to clean and maintain in the future.

This is because the recommended soap used to clean oiled floors coats the surface with an invisible film, providing additional protection and making the floor more resistant to dirt.

Simply use a brush or vacuum cleaner for normal cleaning to remove surface debris. In order to achieve the best cleaning possible, use an oiled flooring soap cleaner. This highly concentrated soap is for cleaning and maintenance of oiled wooden surfaces, suitable for flooring, furniture, kitchen surfaces, and all indoor wood.

Do not wipe the floor with water after using the soap.

Use a flooring refresher once or twice a year, depending on the level of dirt, to restore and protect if the floor has become dull and tired-looking. It will help in everyday care, reinforce the floor’s resistance to dirt, and give your floor a new lease of life.

First, clean the soiled surface with Wax Oiled Flooring Intensive Cleaner, and leave to dry thoroughly for 4 to 8 hrs.

Second, using wax oiled maintenance rub it into the wood until a smooth, silky-matt surface is revealed.

Make sure you leave no excess oil on the surface.

Within approx. 4 hrs. The floor may be walked on, though the full hardening time is 24 hrs. During which time the floor must not be cleaned with water and should be used sparingly and with care.

How to Care & maintenance Lacquered wood Flooring

Normal cleaning to remove surface debris is accomplished using a broom or vacuum cleaner. To remove normal stains and dirt, the floor should be cleaned with a lacquered floor cleaning spray. Simply spray evenly across the floor, allow a minute to work on any stubborn marks and simply mop over.

Careful with strong sunlight and wet place. there will damage lacquered finished, must remove water as soon as possible and make it dry!

What is tips of Wood Flooring Maintenance , care and cleaning?

1.FLOORCO suggest always following manufacturers recommendations. 

2.Spills and tracked-in dirt should be wiped up right away.

3.Sweep, dust, or vacuum using a hard floor attachment once a week or more if needed. Do not use vacuums with beater bars or hard heads.

4.Clean with a recommended cleaning product made for Hardwood Flooring as needed.

5.Don’t allow liquids to stand on your floor.

6.Never use buffing machines as they can damage your Hardwood Flooring.

7.Steel wool or scouring powder is abrasive and will damage your floor’s finish.

8.Steam mops may cause damage to Hardwood Flooring due to the high temperature of the steam,do not use steam mops.

How to removal Stain and Spot

Stains or spots can happen. These tips can help you address stain removal on your Hardwood Flooring.

1.      The wet spills wipe up immediately.

2.      Wipe up the substance from your floor with warm dam cloth.

3.      Use a cleanser made for Hardwood Flooring to help clean more stubborn soil.

For sticky substances, harden the spot with an ice cube and lightly rub with a dull plastic scraper. Do not apply too much pressure as this could damage or scrape the floor’s finish.

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