Homy is 20mm hard-engineered wood wax oiled oak flooring

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The Homy2020 Engineered Wooden Flooring series by Floorco stands out primarily for its distinctive thickness, a feature that adds a unique dimension to its aesthetic and feel. This series has been crafted with attention to the physical attributes of the planks, particularly focusing on a more substantial and pronounced thickness compared to standard flooring options.

This increased thickness of the Homy2020 series not only enhances the visual presence of the flooring but also contributes to a richer underfoot experience. When walking across these floors, one can sense the solidity and robustness underfoot, a characteristic brought about by the generous plank thickness.

In terms of appearance, the thicker planks offer a more luxurious and opulent look, making the flooring a standout feature in any room. The depth provided by this thickness also allows for a deeper and more pronounced wood grain and texture, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood veneer to its fullest.

Furthermore, the Homy2020 series’ thickness aligns well with modern interior design preferences, where substantial, statement-making elements are favored. This series, with its focus on a more pronounced plank profile, fits perfectly into contemporary homes that seek to blend aesthetic appeal with a touch of modern sophistication.

Overall, the Homy2020 Engineered Wooden Flooring series offers a unique proposition with its emphasis on thicker planks, setting it apart in the realm of wooden flooring options. This feature, along with the carefully selected decors, positions the series as an ideal choice for those who value a strong visual impact and a luxurious feel in their flooring.

Homy is a good collection with 20mm hard-engineered wood wax oiled oak flooring

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