Homy is 20mm hard engineered wood wax oiled oak flooring

Extra Life and Extra Save, Your smart choice, best for your wooden flooring

Engineered wood flooring is both durable and resistant to changes in humidity. The floorboard is made from different species of wood layered together with a top layer of hardwood veneer.

Due to the way it is made, engineered wood flooring is exceptionally strong and durable. It is also easy to install and usually slots together with a tongue and groove system.

In order to respond to the customers pursuit of product type. Floorco launched a new product series in the 2020. Homy2020 Engineered wooden flooring means family, Comfortable and durable.

Instead of bowing to convention, the manufacturer goes his own way and presents in this way unique parquet floors that will captivate you.

The six selected decors are particularly suitable for a modern interior design style through their striking appearance.

Homy is good collection with 20mm hard engineered wood wax oiled oak flooring

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