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Dark SPC floors add a sense of depth and warmth to any room, really helping to set the tone and mood of your space. They’re easily integrated with most decors and add a sophisticated touch that’s sure to catch the eye. Dark SPC flooring can perfectly complement any style of décor, whether your room is traditional and cozy or contemporary and minimalistic. Dark SPC flooring colors create a stunning feature when paired with lighter interiors for contrast, or with other darker tones for a sophisticated vibe. All our dark SPCfloors are manufacturer guaranteed and offer a variety of styles from black through to walnut and the ever-popular dark color SPC flooring.

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Finding the appropriate SPC flooring for the FLOORCO could not be easier. Which type of SPC flooring is most suitable? If you looking for an authentic SPC that is low maintenance & easy to clean or SPC which has a lower cost but still has the many advantages as SPC floors. We have a wide range of finishes, including oiled, lacquered, or unfinished in a variety of colors and styles. We have styles to suit you and your home including rustic oaks through to minimal contemporary-looking Parque and Herringbone block flooring. We offer all our SPC floors in tongue & groove and click systems for DIY installation. If SPC flooring is not for you then we have a wide range of SPC floors at unbeatable prices.

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