Atwood Christchurch oak Spc flooring- SPC10


SPC flooring | Atwood floors SPC residential | 1220 x 180 mm |

Product thickness: 5.7 mm | Oak surface |

Product code: SPC10


SPC flooring Christchurch oak, stone-based, is a 100% waterproof product. Buy SPC eco floors. stone plastic composite flooring

It is a new type of eco-friendly flooring. It features zero formaldehyde, which makes it mildew proof and moisture-proof, advanced fire resistance, stain-resistant, anti-slip, 100% waterproof stone bassed, and is very easy to install.

With an inviting light brown hue, this color delivers a dramatic vintage look. It has a uniform surface gross which looks very clean and comfortable. What is more, it feels like the silk smooth sense of reality, exquisitely, the white and tender feeling.

Floating floors are not directly fixed to the subfloor but are instead laid over an underlay without any glue. It is suitable for any type of floor apart from solid wood. The cost of installation of floating is lower than glue down and easily to maintenance and replacement.

It is a new method for flooring in the market. Its name comes from the fact that the plank used in the installation process is “clicked or locked” together so that staples and glue are not needed. Actually, click-lock of flooring is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to install, especially on a fast DIY basis.

The shield and core are extruded together under a very high temperature simultaneously, so there are no adhesives or chemicals harmful to the environment. Co-extrusion gives a natural wood finish in many different colors and embossing, making it more durable, stain-resistant, more attractive,  and reliable. Find Vinyl plank SPC flooring.


SPC products are plastic which has a benefit in them being moisture-resistant and therefore not subject to dimension change with humidity; however, they are subject to dimensional change with changing temperature, which similarly needs to be attended to at installation. thery expand and contract depending on the temperature. If the temperature rises, then the flooring will expand in both width and length, and the contrary is that a lowering in temperature will cause the flooring to contract. The greater the variation between summer and winter, the greater the seasonal movement that will occur and, therefore, the need for trims within the floor.

SPC flooring suitable for bathroom and toilet, and they are a waterproof stone-based product but does not install directly to the bathroom or toilet. Should be waterproofing your bathroom or toilet and pass council check before install SPC flooring. Do not install SPC flooring to the shower box.

Spc flooring Christchurch oak is stone-based 100% waterproof and eco floors. stone plastic composite flooring



Installation type:Loc system
Plank design:1-strip wide plank
Surface texture:Oak surface
V-Joint:4 side Micro-Bevel
Profile connection:Clic-Lock
Plank format:1220 x 180 mm
Product thickness: 5.75 mm
Utilization class:Utilization class 23 | Heavy-duty use in the domestic area
Utilization class 33 | Heavy-duty use in the commercial sector
Slip class:P4
Package content: 2.196 sqm
Pack weight: 18KG
fire testing:11kW/m2
Pack cubic meter:0.013m3
Collection variant: SPC residential
Application areas: Living room
Bed room
Light commercial
Kitchen* E3/AS1
Installation method Floating

atwood floors

Spc vinyl planks is high-quality floor covering made from combines limestone and stabilizers.On the other hand,they are similar to WPC or LVT, but it is more stable and more suitable for commercial.

Firstly,SPC flooring is 100% waterproof products. Choose SPC product that will be no worry with water or any of stain.Secondly,this is formaldehyde free.

Most importantly,they are very easy to install.It can laid on a concrete,ceramic or wood flooring.

Technical and Data Sheet

Download Technical Data Sheet SPC10

Download water impermeability testing report

Download SPC Slip testing

Download SGS physical testing certificate

Download SPC Fire testing

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