Laminate floor coverings offered by BerryAlloc laminate flooring are distinctive because of their designs, feel qualities, and varied sizes. When successfully installed, laminate planks will closely resemble wood – it will have the rough texture, the sleek wood line as well as the signature brown color in varying degrees of darkness with a few trendy greys thrown in too. It also encapsulates the warmth that a wooden floor brings to a room immediately. This exact feel can be maintained in the long term because of its quality of being resistant to moisture. Pick one of the various plank sizes to accommodate your room and achieve this look in no time.

BerryAlloc is a powerhouse manufacturer of flooring and wall coverings that is a company merged from Berry Floor and Alloc Brands. Combining the two resulted in innovations, impeccable designs, and unbeatable quality. As an international manufacturer, BerryAlloc laminate flooring is made in Europe with plants in Belgium and France. BerryAlloc laminate brands are known for their aluminum locking systems and commercial-grade durability.

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