E3/AS1 Flooring Alternative solution for Kitchen, toilet, laundry, Bathroom

NZ BUILDING CODE was changed on 01.11.2021. E3/AS1 SECTION 3.0 OF The building code covers water splash just three suitable floorings listed in 3.1.1 Floors. The most impact relates to the wet area use of flooring products will need to be covered by an Alternative Solution to meet building requirements.

What is the content of E3/AS1 to flooring products change?


“3.1.1 Floors

The following finishes to floors satisfy the performance for impervious and easily cleaned surfaces in spaces containing sanitary fixtures or sanitary appliances. In open-plan spaces, this surface shall extend at least 1.5 m from all sanitary fixtures and sanitary appliances:

The requirement for impervious and Easily cleaned floor surfaces applies to spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and toilet facilities. This requirement applies regardless of whether containment is required by Paragraph 2.0.

a) Integrally waterproof sheet material (e.g. polyvinylchloride) with sealed joints and sealed or coved at edges where water splash may occur.

b) Ceramic or stone tiles having 6% maximum water absorption, waterproof grouted joints, and bedded with an adhesive specified by the tile manufacturer as being suitable for the tiles, substrate material, and the environment of use. Edges of the tiled area where water splash may occur must be sealed or coved, and tiles must be laid on the continuous impervious substrate or a membrane specified by the manufacturer as suitable for the tiles, substrate material the environment of use.

c) A slab-on-grade concrete floor with a steel trowel or polished finish, sealed at edges where water splash may occur when used in a domestic laundry within a garage or in a building containing only sanitary facilities.

Other floor finishes may also be capable of satisfying the performance for impervious and easily cleaned, if installed in a manner that prevents gaps or cracks within the finish and at any parts of its perimeter that are exposed to water splash, and/or if the surface is sealed with a suitable durable coating. However, such other finishes are outside the scope of this Acceptable Solution.

Water can penetrate behind or underfloor finishes in situations where water splash occurs regularly (such as around shower enclosures or the fronts of built-in baths), unless these edges are sealed or coved.

Domestic laundries in garages, and buildings containing only sanitary facilities, are spaces where the consequences of any small imperfections (such as microcracking) in the imperviousness of a concrete floor are minimal and compliance with NZBC Clause E3 Internal moisture can still be demonstrated.”

                                                                                                —By E3/AS1 2nd edition, Amendment 7 page 16.

Laminate flooring, wood floors, and spc flooring are still used but need to be BC-approved as an alternative solution. Under the E3 building code following acceptable solution:

surface Impervious

Easily cleaned

It prevents gaps or cracks

Durable coating

Surface impervious

Our products, including laminate, lacquered wood, and spc products, have been tested by specialists in New Zealand. They are surface water impermeability which means our product is defined as the property of a material that cannot be permeated by water or other liquids.

Easily cleaned

Floorco wood, laminate, and SPC flooring are easily cleaned using a vacuum, a damp mop, and a cleaner. Our cleaning & care guides will be helping the homeowners to make the correct way.

In service history

Our supplied flooring products since 2015, over tens of thousands of projects and homeowners in-service, the same effect has been used overseas for up 30 years and without issue.

Durable Coating

Floorco’s Lacquered timber, laminate & SPC flooring surface layer included, Lacquered polyurethane, PVC, and heat-cured melamine. These products use in kitchen and laundry applications, and the finish accepts the requirements of E3/AS1.

Sealing gaps

To protect the perimeters from water ingress, please seal gaps between planks in Kitchen, toilet, laundry, and bathroom. In open-plan spaces, the flooring surface shall extend at least 1.5 m from all sanitary fixtures and sanitary appliances. Must be sealed or foam rod and transparent silicone adhesive should use at the ends of planks and the long edge of the plank, This must also include perimeter protection from water ingress.

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