Flooring VS Tiles

Flooring and Tiles

What is different between Flooring and Tiles

we believe that most consumers have encountered the problem of choosing materials for indoor flooring during home decoration. Is it better to choose wooden floors or tiles? Next, we will describe the advantages of the floor compared to the tiles.

1. Anti-slip performance

The surface of the tile has a smaller friction coefficient and lower anti-slip performance than the surface of the wooden floor. If there are elderly or children in the house, they are more easily to slip on the tile ground than the wooden floor ground. The wooden floor anti-slip performance is better, which is more suitable for home use.

2. Insulation performance

The floor has an advantage in the insulation of the indoor temperature, and the tile has poor thermal insulation performance due to the fast heat conduction. Especially in the unheated late autumn and the winter, the tile floor will make people feel cold and uncomfortable.

3. Visual aesthetics

The natural wood grain texture of the wooden floor can well express a person’s aesthetics. In addition, the color and softness of the floor are excellent, and the affinity is very good.

The tiles give people a relatively rigid feeling, and are limited options in color and style.

4. Home use

The wooden floor can absorb moisture and keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Especially for those who live on the first floor, wood floors are the most suitable, and there will be no cold feeling at home in winter. Wooden floors can also reduce noise and soothe emotions. It will relieve pressure for stressed urban people.

For the tiles, they can not absorb moisture, so the room will be colder when humidity increases in the winter, and it may be radioactive.

5. Feeling experience

The tiles ground will make people feel uncomfortable due to the hard materials. The wooden flooring with better elasticity in living room and other living areas not only makes the feet comfortable, but also greatly reduces the impact noise on the floor, making the room more warm and peaceful.

6. Daily maintenance

In the eyes of many people, tiles are easier to maintain than wooden floors. In fact, otherwise, the tiles will appear black seams because it is not easy to clean and care for a long time, which affect the appearance and health of tiles. What’s more, if a piece is broken, it needs to be replaced completely, which is very wasteful.

Nowadays, both the engineering wooden flooring and the laminate flooring have greatly improved in the wearing resistance. The engineering wooden flooring does not need to be waxed, and the laminate flooring can avoid many problems of later maintenance due to the high wearing resistance. They all can be replaced by a single piece.

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