What are the problems in the flooring use process?

Sometimes, you may encounter the problem of floor cracking and arch deformation. Today, we will analyze the reasons for these problems and the corresponding solutions.

Problem 1: Wet swelling and arch

Cause Analysis

1. Long-term continuous rain without discharging moisture

2. The room is not ventilated for a long time, and no moisture is discharged

3. The wooden floor, laminate flooring is soaked in water. The issue is about flooring warping.

4. The moisture content of the ground floor is higher, the issue is about flooring cracking anywhere.

5. No floor expansion joints are left, resulting in no space to squeeze

6. The floor is not separated more than 8 meters in one direction, resulting in a large single area. The issues about flooring moving much.

7. The SPC flooring laying down Decking or plywood, the wood subfloors moving or expansion flooring make click system gap or warping.


Open windows frequently for ventilation, and reserve expansion joints and partitions in accordance with regulations.


Depending on the situation, reinstall part of the flooring, or whole flooring completely, and adjust the partitions and reserve expansion joints.

Problem 2: Dry shrinkage

Cause Analysis

1. The room is closed for a long time, and the indoor air is dry

2. The gap between plates is too large in wet weather, and in dry weather, there will be more dry shrinkage

3. Abnormal climate conditions such as continuous high temperature and dry weather, the wooden floor, laminate flooring or SPC flooring dehumidify too quickly, and no humidification measures are taken

4. Abnormal environmental factors such as sun exposure and long-term blowing cause excessive dehumidification and shrinkage of the wooden floor


Reserve expansion joints properly depending on the different climate; prevent sun exposure, it is not suitable to close the doors and windows for a long time without ventilation, or concentrated blowing.

The common issues in flooring.


Wait for a period of time. After the moisture content of the wooden floor and laminate flooring balances with the relative humidity in the air, replace it in a single piece, or replace the whole flooring, and set the expansion joints of plates as required.

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