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find flooring brands

Buy the flooring  you want most in FLOORCO Flooring. FLOORCO provides customers with a variety of brand choices to help customers find the most suitable products. The world’s most famous brand, the best price and quality products. We are brands distributor and flooring product manufacturers.

KRONO flooring is the world’s largest and most excellent flooring manufacturer. It has the world’s best woodworking machinery and cutting-edge decorative material panels. A design team of more than 100 people has designed tens of thousands of different simulated textures.

Delicate and excellent products have allowed KRONO flooring to develop rapidly for more than 100 years.

A flooring brand named after the city, barlinek. He is one of the earliest solid wood composite producers in the world and has the most complete industrial chain, from planting trees to felling, and finally to the production of flooring, with dozens of processes.

The achievements of barlinek flooring are obvious to all in the flooring industry. The products they produce represent the highest craftsmanship in the flooring industry.This also means that barlinek is on the right path. Providing quality products is what a brand is all about.