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In the modern housing decoration, wooden flooring laying is quite usual. In New Zealand, more and more people directly choose wooden flooring laying when they build their new houses.

Meanwhile a large number of people choose wooden flooring instead of carpets, ceramics or other flooring materials when they rebuild or redecorate their old houses.

As the oceanic climate and high humidity of New Zealand, if the people here choose pure solid wooden flooring, there will be many problems in subsequent maintenance and the problems caused by itself .

Solid wooden composite flooring is composed of cross-laminated plates from different wood species,which to some extent, overcomes the defects of wet -expansion and dry -shrinkage in pure solid wood and keeps better stability,further more,retains the natural wooden grain and comfortable foot sense in pure solid wood floor.So the solid wood composite flooring is more popular than the pure solid wooden flooring by buyers in New Zealand.

Smoky flooring contributes to the thickness sense of the room.Atwood is used for solid wood,super fashionable series.Just as different colors present us different visual senses,create different atmosphere and psychological feelings.In the housing decoration, it is equally important of the choice matching between decoration style and wooden floor color.

If the room is large,it is suitable to choose the wooden flooring of darker color and thicker grain,which will make the room compact. On the contrary,if the room is small,it is suitable to choose the wooden flooring of lighter color and thinner grain,which will offer people open feeling and will make the small room seem spacious.

The drawing room is the public place at home and is the main site of daily activity and entertaining guests.So it is suitable to choose the flooring of wood texture clear,natural and color soft in order to create bright and clear and harmonious atmosphere.However the bedroom is used for rest and makes people relax both in mind and body.It is suitable to choose wooden flooring of warm or neutral color,which will make people feel quiet and comfortable.

The colors of good daylight -room can be offered in a large range, so the dark color and light color are both acceptable.But to the rooms of lower floors and insufficient daylight,people needs to pay attention to choose wooden flooring with higher brightness and lighter color and avoid using the materials with darker colors.

There will be good performance in smoky flooring and warm color matching,which will make the household more luxurious.Please pay more attention to the matching if the daylight of the room is unsatisfactory.The smoky flooring and warm color matching needs to be cautious. 

flooring specialists

Color flooring is one of the traditional colors.Even though its color is darker,it does not mean it is not suitable for the fashionable modern room.

If people want to make room fashionable,the optimized matching is the bright color matching.

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