Elegant smoked Antique Handcrafted of hardwood flooring

Elegant smoked Antique Handcrafted of wood oak flooring (hardwood flooring)

Smoked color is a designer’s favorite color. It has a huge color difference, which means that the light wood color to brown color will be in one shipment at a time. But the layered feeling of this can allow the room to have more visual attraction. The visual experience it brings is beyond compare. But it needs more professionals to match the decoration style.

The handmade relief craft is very complicated. It is often confused with the floor brushed process, but the handmade relief is more delicate. The smooth visual feeling, the more delicate touch, and the remaining signs on the surface of the carving marks all highlight its uniqueness.

Warm color lights make the interior look softer and warmer at night. It’s the first choice for the original ecological home life. The color of a green plant can make the home full of vitality and gentle comfort.

The color visual effect that flooring mutual impact not only can not cause the person’s repulsion, still can make a person produce comfortable visual effect instead, let a person remain elegant design feeling.

The choice of the white wall can have home decor look very simple and elegant so that the interior daylighting condition is better. It matches the color of the floor perfectly. It creates a comfortable and broad sense of space, giving people a soft, elegant, and peaceful feeling; the overall style is light elegant, quiet, and stable.

Elegant smoked Antique Handcrafted of wood oak flooring (hardwood flooring)

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