The essence of Nordic style flooring is here – Chevron design!

Chevron style design wood flooring ,wall, carpet and Fabrics

After reading these 40 sets of chevrons, you shall have the intention to resurface the floor immediately!

The one in the picture above is what we often call chevron. It is very similar to the herringbone pattern. You can see the difference between it and the traditional herringbone in the figure below. The core difference is the shape of the block. In terms of diamond unit, we call it herringbone.

Moreover, regarding the herringbone pattern on the wall pavement, aside from the above traditional method, there are some small varieties, such as straight herringbone and diagonal herringbone.

Only the change of direction makes their expression in the vertical space have a big difference. In the following part, we can see the actual case.

Well, next, let’s go into the matching space of these textures and feel their elegance!

Part 1 – Flooring

1.The combination of modern style and chevron is the combination of fashion and retro style, with connotation and being cutting-edge.

2.This space shows the simplicity of wood incisively and vividly, and the top space echoes with the materials of the floor; the chevron floor is arranged in parallel, and the strength of lines and the pattern of wood match with the books in the study.

Chevron style design wood flooring ,wall, carpet and Fabrics

3.Highly saturated colors are not only reflected on the chevron floor, but similar elements can also be found in the furniture.

4.In addition to the floor, there are few wood elements in this space, and the furniture and decoration style are also very bold, and many special-shaped products abound. This kind of space selects the chevron floor, which recognizes the “Attractiveness” of the chevron pattern, and affirms its beauty without grabbing.

5.Both the chevron and the herringbone are decorations with distinctive rationalism colors. Matching with a very bold modern art style will make your home full of mysterious charm.

6.The tiled floor in the distance encounters the dark floor with herringbone pattern, which is full of decoration and the effect is very retro.

7.Apart from the mutual influence of color and shape, the glass painting and the wood chevron in the space have a strong contrast in gloss.

Part 2 – Wall

1.The expression of the traditional chevron on the wall is very retro, combined with the simple style furniture, it is a rustic taste.

2.When the texture of the chevron expands, the furniture style becomes more refined, and with some small green plants, the space can combine fashion and ethnic customs.

3.The non-traditional type of chevron can be a breakthrough in color. According to its arrangement characteristics, changes in color will also bring changes in shape.

Part 3 – Carpet

1.The fine chevron used on the woven carpet adds a more comfortable and lively taste.

2.The combination of plane texture and three-dimensional texture expands the visual experience to touch.

3.In addition to the tactile expansion, this space also uses the carpet with chevron as the visual center of color.

4.Conservative space and conservative furniture can easily become boring if the carpet has no sense of quality. The space in the figure below has the right chevron pattern carpet, which adds more elegance and calmness to it.

5.Combined with bold accessories, the conservatively colored chevron carpet brings a sense of stability to the space. You also think that these interesting chemical tools do not come from the laboratory of high school students’, but from the laboratory of scientists’, right?

6.Such intermediate color chevron carpet can also be regarded as a more common basic style. When encountering furniture and decorative paintings with high saturation, the space becomes young up.

Part 4 – Fabrics

1.In addition to walls and floors, the chevrons in many places are powerful assistants in space shaping. The black, white and blue space with diagonal stripes is much richer and more interesting than the space with only vertical and horizontal lines.

Fabrics design

2.The “fishbone” in the adjacent row uses the same color, so that many chevron patterns become wave patterns, and the effect is fashionable and rich when used on the bedding.

3.The use of wavy chevron patterns in fabric products is very common. The “wave chevron line” in three colors of black, white and gray is a very common element in the cushion products of this year.

4.Although the arrangement of chevron patterns is simple, there are 72 variations. The diamond-shaped units of lines with different density are also very fashionable in this bedding, which is a good choice for Nordic style.

Chevron style design wood flooring ,wall, carpet and Fabrics

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