GL11 beautiful floor design-Tamaki Dr, Mission Bay

“The beautiful floor design!”- Misson bay homeowner

We love wood flooring because it’s Best beautiful design, Pet love that floor covering.

The Ash wood is white washed and creamy color in this GL collection, which is mart lacquer finished with light brush.

beautiful design floor covering

Comparing to Oak, the most prominent feature of Ash is almost without knots, which looks very clean. So, the Ash products are suitable for the customers who do not like the flooring boards with knots.

About the size and craft of flooring, each GL-11 engineered wood board comes 190mm wide and 1900mm length, making them suitable for most rooms regardless of the room size. They come micro-beveled, which accentuate each plank subtly. For lacquer finish, the manufacturer uses paint to paint each plank, and it has a uniform surface gross which looks very clean and comfortable. Besides, every plank comes with brushed finish, to slightly bounce of some light, but not too much. Brushed flooring is the most popular floor craft in recent years. The brushed wood texture of the whole room is convex and concave, with a quite three-dimensional visual experience.

As for the color, the creamy color has been one of the most popular colors since 2019. It’s much closer to the raw color of the wood. Creamy color breaks the monotony of pure white, and the feeling of creamy color oak is warm, which will show the aesthetic feeling more excellently. From the point of vision, it is clear and romantic tonal, which also can build a peaceful atmosphere. Besides, the creamy color looks cleaner and more fashionable in the room. In the Nordic minimalist styles, the creamy-white floor is one of the core colors. It can be very easy to match the furniture and the kitchen with any color.

Regards as the installation, the GL-11 can be installed both two ways by floating and glue down, depending on the customers’ requirements. The biggest highlight is the hand-made stair nosing (as is shown in photos), which is 100% matched with the ground flooring. The hand-made stairs can make the whole house more harmonious with the flooring.

we love wood flooring

We love wood flooring because it’s Best beautiful design, Pet love that floor covering.

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