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Dark floors match wall

This match is simple and expressive, the designer picks the dark wood color flooring to match the wall. It is the combination of strong contrast color, which can boost the visual impact and makes the interior looks dignified as well.

Chocolate color gives a warm, positive feeling visually. However, due to its low purity, it visually gives people a strong and heavy feeling. The use of chocolate in the home decorations will add the elegant temperament, slightly luxurious color to the whole design.

For the matching of the kitchen/furniture/paint, white and grey, sky blue, apple red and so on are great.

White wall matches with the dark floor, which won’t give small bedroom a depressing feeling, and the depth is appropriate. This collocation is perfect for large spaces. With light colour furniture and creative small home, making the overall bedroom style live. The choice of white wall can have home decor look very simple and elegant, so that the interior daylighting condition is better. It matches the color of the floor perfectly. It creates a comfortable and broad sense of space, giving people a soft, elegant and peaceful feeling, the overall style is the light elegant, quiet and stable.

Two similar colors together will produce a sense of integration, thus improving the floor integrity. The initial color of furniture chooses white as well as nature color, thus meeting forms contrast effect in collocation, and it let a space more orderly. It has the space add more elegant tastes. Post-modern black elements can create a very elegant and modern style, with a larger space, and it’s very comfortable. With a good daylighting, black wood floor is more attractive, give persons a deep sense. The visual impact is strong!

Dark floor collocates colored home décor, and it is another flavor again, full and enthusiastic. It feels that this is the home that the thing deposits up, but do not appear so disorderly. The same type of goods is placed together, showing more orderly instead. Bright colors have been very popular in recent years. The local application has reinforced the interior design feeling. Bright colors make the room warm and texture and harmony.

Dark floors match wall

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