Mount Wellington Gloss Tiles – 75TD029

Tiles | Wall Tiles  | 750 x 1500 mm | Porcelain

Product thickness: 9.5 mm | Gloss

Product code: 75TD029

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Mount Wellington Gloss Tiles

Immerse yourself in the elegance of our 750×1500 mm porcelain wall tiles, a canvas where the grand tapestry of nature’s art is masterfully replicated. Each tile is a homage to the splendor of natural marble, with a harmonious interplay of creamy whites, rich greys, and warm gold veins that traverse the surface in an elegant dance of color and pattern.

These large format tiles are designed to create a statement wall that exudes luxury and breadth, transforming any space into an expansive visual experience. The scale of the tiles means fewer grout lines, granting your walls a seamless and sophisticated finish that is both modern and timeless.

Constructed from the highest quality porcelain, these tiles are not only a visual feast but a paragon of durability and practicality. They are designed to withstand the rigors of daily life, resistant to moisture and stains, making them perfect for opulent bathrooms, grand kitchens, and stylish living areas.

Mount Wellington Tiles polished surface of these porcelain tiles enhances their natural marble-like appearance, reflecting light to brighten the room and to give a sense of enlarged space. Despite their luxurious finish, these tiles are astonishingly low maintenance, and their surface easily wiped clean to maintain their lustrous appearance with minimal effort.

Elevate your space with our 750×1500 mm porcelain wall tiles and enjoy the perfect blend of practicality and opulence, ensuring your interiors make a bold statement of sophistication and style.

Mount Wellington Gloss Tiles


Width300mm/600mm/750mm ***
Length300mm/600mm/1200mm/1500mm ***
Thickness 8.5mm - 9.5mm ***
Antislip Rating P1
Weight 25 kg
m2 Per pack 1.44
Tiles Per Pack 2 pieces/4 piecces/8 pieces
Origin China
***That dimensions may vary slightly by batch

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