Mount Vincent Grey Semi Gloss Tiles – FC601R

Tiles | Wall Tiles  | 600 x 600 mm | Porcelain

Product thickness: 9.5 mm | Semi-Gloss

Product code: FC601R

Building Performance


Mount Vincent Grey Semi-Gloss Tiles

Discover timeless elegance and unparalleled durability with our latest collection of porcelain tiles. Our tile, showcased against a refined grey textile backdrop, exemplifies the perfect blend of sophistication and endurance. This isn’t just a tile; it’s a statement of luxury and reliability, designed to elevate any space it adorns.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each tile is a canvas of intricate veining and soft, cloud-like whiteness that mirrors the natural beauty of marble. The subtlety of the design ensures it complements any decor, offering a versatile foundation for both classic and contemporary interiors.

Mount Vincent Grey Semi-Gloss Tiles is a floor that maintains its allure through every season, every trend, and every change in decor. Our porcelain tiles promise just that – a surface that resists the passage of time, high traffic, spills, and the impact of daily life. Moreover, this tile is not only about aesthetic pleasure but also about practicality; it’s incredibly easy to clean, requiring nothing more than a simple sweep or mop to restore its pristine condition.

This tile isn’t just a part of your home. It’s a part of your life. It’s where your children will take their first steps, where you’ll host gatherings with friends, and where you’ll stand barefoot on a quiet morning with a cup of coffee in your hand, reveling in the quiet moments of life.

Choose our porcelain tiles for your next project, and invest in a floor that’s as enduring as your memories, as beautiful as your dreams, and as robust as your life demands. Transform your space into a haven of style and durability today.

Mount Vincent Grey Semi-Gloss Tiles



Width300mm/600mm/750mm ***
Length300mm/600mm/1200mm/1500mm ***
Thickness 8.5mm - 9.5mm ***
Antislip Rating P1
Weight 25 kg
m2 Per pack 1.44
Tiles Per Pack 2 pieces/4 piecces/8 pieces
Origin China
***That dimensions may vary slightly by batch

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