300×600 Wall Tiles – TH5621

Tiles | Wall Only | 300 x 600 mm | Porcelain

Product thickness: 9.5 mm |  Matt

Product code: TH5621

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300×600 Wall Tiles – TH5621

Our 300×600 mm wall tiles are an artistic celebration of texture and form, designed to evoke the natural allure of craggy stone faces and the serene beauty of a windswept landscape. Cast in a tranquil palette of soft greys, these tiles bear the undulating contours of a hand-chiseled surface, giving your walls a dynamic and tactile quality that is both visually striking and unmistakably refined.

Each tile is a canvas, presenting an organic tapestry of ridges and valleys that play with light and shadow, bringing a sense of depth and movement to your space. The elongated rectangular shape accentuates this effect, offering a contemporary edge to the primal texture, and allowing for a multitude of laying patterns that can transform a wall into a statement feature.

Expertly crafted from high-grade porcelain, these tiles not only possess an ethereal aesthetic but are also built to endure. Their robust composition guarantees resilience against the wear of everyday environments, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Despite the intricacy of their texture, these tiles are surprisingly low maintenance. Their porcelain construction ensures a surface that is resistant to stains and moisture, requiring nothing more than a simple wipe to maintain its pristine appearance. This ease of care makes them a practical choice for areas that see frequent use but need to maintain a lasting impression of sophistication and elegance.

Incorporating our 300×600 mm textured wall tiles into your design project means choosing a product that offers a unique blend of the earth’s raw beauty with the durability and functionality required for modern living. These tiles are an investment in style that will stand the test of time, providing a backdrop of serene beauty to your cherished spaces.

300×600 Wall Tiles – TH5621


Thickness 8.5mm - 9.5mm ***
Antislip Rating P1
Weight 25 kg
m2 Per pack 1.44
Tiles Per Pack 2 pieces/4 piecces/8 pieces
Origin China
***That dimensions may vary slightly by batch

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