300×600 Wall Tiles – 8D3696

Tiles | Wall Only | 300 x 600 mm | Porcelain

Product thickness: 9.5 mm |  Matt

Product code: 8D3696

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300×600 Wall Tiles – 8D3696

Our 300×600 mm wall tiles offer a captivating visual symphony, a blend of structured elegance with the untamed spirit of natural stone. The design features an array of varied grey shades, masterfully cut and arranged in a linear mosaic pattern that draws the eye and captivates the beholder.

This tile captures the essence of contemporary design, offering a bold statement piece for your walls. Its elongated format and rhythmic pattern provide a unique opportunity to create spaces that are at once modern and timeless. The intricate play of textures and tones within each strip of the mosaic adds depth and character to your room, making it appear larger and more open.

The durability of these porcelain tiles is unmatched, ensuring they can grace the walls of your most frequented rooms without succumbing to the wear and tear of everyday life. These tiles are not only a testament to enduring style but also to the practicality required for modern living spaces.

The artistic arrangement of the mosaic is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it provides a tactile experience that is as luxurious as it is engaging. Despite the intricate design, these tiles are surprisingly low maintenance. Their robust surface is easily cleaned, allowing the complex patterns to remain a focal point of your décor without the need for tedious upkeep.

Opting for these 300×600 mm wall tiles means choosing a design that’s both visually stimulating and inherently practical. They are the perfect backdrop to elevate any interior design project, offering a touch of sophistication that is sure to be the subject of admiration and conversation.

300×600 Wall Tiles – 8D3696


Thickness 8.5mm - 9.5mm ***
Antislip Rating P1
Weight 25 kg
m2 Per pack 1.44
Tiles Per Pack 2 pieces/4 piecces/8 pieces
Origin China
***That dimensions may vary slightly by batch

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