How to deal with the uneven sub-floors?

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Nowadays, some customers prefer to do flooring installation (DIY) in their spare time, which can save the labor cost of installation. However, the preparation of the ground is very important. The most common problem is the level difference. Today, Floorco will provide some suggestions to deal with this problem.

Prohibition methods:

1. Cardboard

If you look for cardboard and other materials for leveling, in order to avoid correct leveling during the installation process. Then after a long time, the floor will gradually be hung, due to the deformation of cardboard, the buckle will be broken, and you will feel floating up and down if you step up this part. This item is strictly prohibited for ground leveling.

sub-floors leveling

2. No measures are taken during the installation of slightly uneven ground

Some installers prefer not to take any measures for the slightly uneven ground, and just rely on the factory-made lock system toughness of the floor to support it. If you do it like this, it will not cause problems in short time, but about one month, you will feel floating up and down as well. This behavior should be prohibited as well.

Correct and recommended methods:

1. Self-leveling cement

Firstly, you should polish away the protruding areas. After that, pour the self-leveling cement on the ground and push the cement apart. Usually, the ratio of self-leveling cement to water is 1: 2 to ensure that the cement can flow, but it should not be too diluent. Finally, wait for it to dry completely rough 48 hours (depending on the leveled area).

2. Leveling with gypsum or sand

The leveling with gypsum or sand can be used for part leveling, the ground does not need to be raised, and the leveling thickness is about 5-20mm. There are the advantages of leveling with gypsum or sand, it has almost no effect on the height of the room, the drying speed is fast, the price is relatively cheap among these three methods, and the construction is convenient.

However, the leveling of gypsum or sand is only suitable for the flatness of the room is slightly uneven, the ground is relatively smooth, and there is part unevenness, which has certain limitations.

leveling flooring,prepare sub-floor is very important!

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