Install Flooring FAQ’s

Please understand, we can’t gurantee with completion times. All of time is estimating/roughly.

Please following with:

If to prepare(Levelling , grounding, remove something on sub-floors) your sub-floors, that’s will be extra charge. 



Approximately within 5mm variation over 3 meters.


  • After install of the flooring ,the floor level range will be:

Floor level


Approximately within 5mm variation over 3 meters.


  • Flooring(laminate floors, spc floors , floating wood flooring) upon and down of float, this is very common. The reason is about flooring underlayment thickness and sub-floors level tolerance.

Upon and down


Approximately within 3mm variation over 3 meters


  • Flooring squeaking noises allowable with all of floating floors.

Squeaking noises


Floating floors


  • Expansion joint around the whole floors.

Expansion joint


Over 6mm


  • If we Cut “door frame, wall , kit board , skirting board, door board ,etc.” 

Cutting tolerance range


Within 5mm


  • All of the work for cutting have a tolerance range, We must be leave little gaps if the same where the installer can’t undercut.



Within 5mm


  • We will be used “no more gap or filler” fill in all of the gaps, the “no more gap or filler ” color following with wall, kitchen or flooring colors.

Fill in gap


Colour following with wall, kitchen or flooring colours


  • All of the flooring edges may slight height variances that occur, which is common.

Height variances


Within 0.5mm


  • All of the flooring joints together may slight gaps variances, which is common.

Gaps variances


Within 1mm


  • That transitions between carpet/tiles and flooring areas in all doorways are organized separately. We use normal trim/transitions if any special requirements with transitions/ trim please let us know before your order.




Wood flooring

Normally it takes one day for a less than 15-25 sqm area, if need extra preparation for the subfloor such as levelling or sanding, removing existing floor covering, taking off skirting boards will take 0.5 to 1 day for a 15-25 sqm area.

If you choose a glue-down method, it will cost double time than floating method because of the waterproofing process and the installation.

Laminate flooring / SPC Flooring

Normally it takes one day for a less than 25-30 sqm area, if need extra preparation for the subfloor such as levelling or sanding, removing existing floor covering, taking off skirting boards will take 5 hours for a 25-30 sqm area.

flooring install, It’s best to contact your sales consultant as soon as possible if something looks not right at the installation stage. They will liaise with your installer to arrange a site visit or correct wrong things.

Don’t be shy, tell us your concern no matter how small it is. 

We recommend when you consider the interior design, taking flooring into account. Come to our showroom as soon as possible. Time is money for new construction.

Once you have confirmed you flooring. It is recommended to book the installation 2 weeks in advance. Although we have 8 groups of installer, it is still tight to schedule a installation during busy period. Ask your projects manager or your other trades such as painter and kitchen to arrange the time.

Flooring is the finishing trade, and it is critical important as floor is the first thing they comment on when people walk into a home.

It is recommended to book or choose your flooring at the initiative stage of planning to do a renovation. At this stage you can easily to match or design your home on looking and feeling in terms of colour and texture.

Another reason is that most our products imported from Europe, it takes at least 3 months on the sea. Although we have big volume of stock, some product may be sold out at a short period. Sometimes, people wait for a long time just for their favourite flooring.

Yes, but dust is minimal but can sometimes be an inevitable part of finishing your floor, we try to best. But we still recommend a home cleaning service after work.

Yes,all of the flooring fit with glue-down floors, sometimes glue will be leave one the flooring surface or edges, but that is can be remove and clean.

Please understand glue down flooring will not squeaking noises, but all of the flooring fit with floating floors- if laying down over 3-month squeaking noises is not a problem for flooring or work. That’s Failure about humidity and maintain or cleaning. This not warranties a claim.

after fitting does not use steam mop or any slip water product to cleaning flooring.

We not guarantee job completion time, but we will try our best, all about time that is estimated.

Yes,Floating flooring will be contract and expand with temperature changes and humidity. Separation and spacing may occur between planks and will not be considered damage.

Flooring install


什么是E3/A1关于地板的更变? 新西兰NZ BUILDING CODE于2021年11月1日开始,更变关于室内潮湿区域(厨房,浴室,洗手间,洗衣间)的地面安装材料使用要求。其中E3/A1第七号法案要求,潮湿区域允许使用的材料为以下三类:防水类卷材,低于6%渗水率瓷砖石材,水泥类地面。 而SPC,WPC,PVC,LVT,Wood(实木),laminate(强化复合)被移除清单。但是NZ BULIDING CODE 依然允许使用以上产品,即需要替代方案,证明产品不透水及易清理两种条件,原文如下: Content:   “3.1.1 Floors The following finishes to floors satisfy the performance […]

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