How to maintain the flooring in the underfloor heating?

Many families have installed underheating equipment in New Zealand. So, when using underfloor heating products, what effect does it have on the flooring? How to maintain the flooring correctly (most of FLOORCO’s products are suitable for under heating)? I will sort out this knowledge for you today.

underfloor heating flooring

In winter, the most common problem with floors is cracking due to dryness and water loss. So please pay attention to these problems when you use the under heating:

1. The underfloor heating system is used for the first time every year. It is advisable to increase the temperature no more than 3-5℃ every day, and gradually increase the temperature. When you use the underfloor heating system in winter, the surface temperature of the flooring is not allowed to exceed 27℃, otherwise, high-temperature baking will accelerate the water loss in the floor, which is easy to cause the floor to crack.

2. As the weather turns cold, the outdoor dry air flowing into the room will increase the dryness and accelerate the deformation of the floor. At this time, it is very necessary to increase the indoor relative humidity. The correct method is to place a humidifier indoors, or use a humid mop (not too wet) to mop the floor every day to moisturize, so that the indoor relative humidity reaches 40% to 60%. This can effectively avoid the floor surface layer cracked.

3. Under the underheating environment, avoid using furniture and carpets to cover the floor in a large area, otherwise the floor will be unevenly heated due to excessive concentration, causing the floor to deform.

Finally, I would like to remind you that if you have installed solid wood flooring. The flooring is a continuation of the life of the tree. It requires reasonable lighting, timely ventilation and a suitable environment. Normally, the suitable maintenance methods can be used to ensure the beautiful appearance and excellent performance of the flooring.

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