What is wood flooring grade?

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For wooden flooring, the wood used is graded by the manufacturers according to its appearance. In many cases, sales always hear customers say that the knot on the wood surface is not good quality. So, we think the topic of wood grade is worth further writing. Generally speaking, the features to be considered when grading wood include: the number and size of knots; the number of saps present in the wood and color aberration. According to experience, the smaller the knots, the lower the content of sapwood, the more uniform the color, the higher the grade of wood and the higher the price.

When deciding which wood grade is best for your wood flooring, there are 5 types of wood grades to choose from. Each wood grade has a slightly different appearance.

These grades called:

  • Prime grade
  • Mixed grade
  • Natural grade
  • Rustic grade
  • Antique grade

Prime grade

Prime grade is the highest grade of wood flooring. It is also called as AB grade. This grade of wood cut from the centre of the log has a uniform appearance and few knots. If this grade of wood is a bit knotted, then they are also small and unobtrusive. In addition, the sapwood content of this wood is very low. The appearance of Prime grade is very uniform, even if there is a little bit colour aberration.

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Mixed grade

This grade of wood contains some knots, but less than the natural grade, with a little sapwood and some colour aberrations.

Our wood flooring shop in North shore and Auckland central.

Our wood flooring shop in North shore and Auckland central.

Natural grade

This kind of wood grade is usually called ABCD grade, its knot size is bigger than select, and it contains sapwood and colour change is also greater.

Rustic grade

Rustic grade also is CD grade. Varied colour pattern, medium and large knots, medium and large filled cracks, silver grain, sapwood and distinct wood figure.

Antique grade

All the lively wood characteristics that occur in any flooring, such as large colour variation, frequent knots, heavy mineral streaks, checks, worm holes, large grain burls and figuring.

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Our hardwood flooring nz, shop in North shore and Auckland central find oak floor

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