Stairs with Natural oak laminate flooring

How to make stairs with laminate flooring? natural oak wood decor stairs step.

About the laminate flooring, it is a composite product made up of at least four distinct layers. Each of the layers are fused together to provide a sheet from which boards are cut and edge profiled. The construction is generally as follows, surface or upper wear layer, design or decorative layer, substrate or core layer, and backing or balancing layer. the EIR technology is used in decorative layer, and the core layer is HDF (High Density Fiberboard).

As for the EIR technology, it is a manufacturing technique used to create a grain consistent with the photographic image on the laminate flooring, which can intensify depth, texture, and natural look of the Natural oak decor. Besides, the EIR technology focus on the design of laminate flooring, especially it allows for micro-grout lines and precise detailing when light is reflected off the surface.

For the decor of Natural oak laminate, it is Natural Oak, which is the most classical color. With the classic natural oak tones, it gives a laid-back, welcoming, pure feeling, and a warm and soft feeling. Even though living in a downtown area, it still feels the breath of nature. Besides, the wood-colored laminate floor is easy to match with other colors, because the wood color floor has a very distinct natural atmosphere. The most common matching is white walls with wood-colored floors (as is shown in photos). This combination is most error-free, and one of the most classic. At the same time, the Natural of oak color floor has a good brightening effect, used in houses with insufficient lighting, and can play an excellent effect of improving the overall brightness.

Finally, regards as the installation, the Unilin locking system is applied in laminate collections, which make the Natural wood decor laminate flooring extremely DIY friendly. What’s more, the biggest highlight is the color-matched stair nosing (as is shown in photos). The matched stair nosing is made from factory, which can 100% make sure the same color with the ground flooring. The colored-matched stairs can make the whole house more harmonious with the flooring.

How to make stairs with laminate flooring? Natural oak wood decor stairs step

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