10 Tips for Choosing Your Hardwood Floor

How do you redo hardwood floor a room in your house? The choice of flooring style and material is critical. Choosing the right colours, textures, and designs can completely transform the space in your home. However, some materials are more suited to your family’s demands than others. 

Warmth and natural aesthetics are two reasons that make hardwood flooring so popular. More than just picking the colour of wood stain, it gives clients a wide range of customization possibilities.

So, here is some advice to consider while choosing a hardwood floor for your home. 


While there are several stylistic possibilities available in hardwood flooring – from cold to warm undertones – it all boils down to one fundamental question: light or dark? 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for flooring. What works best for your area depends on its size, design, natural light, and furniture. 

It is crucial to choose a floor that will compliment your design approach and last the test of time.

Choose the right colour.

Flooring should always match and enhance the rest of the decor. It is vital to pick a colour family that goes well with the walls and furniture. 

You can choose from browns, greys, whites, and more. Check out all the different colours and pick a few that you like. If you have pets, go for lighter shades.


The texture is a big part of what makes the decor unique. There are a lot of different textures to choose from, from clean and smooth to distressed, like brushed, deep brushed, and sawn. 

A burnt or stained look is also possible. And deciding on a texture should be based on the space’s usage. Clean surfaces are perfect for children’s rooms.

Visual Preferences

Engineered hardwood comes in a lot of different types of wood. From birch to maple to hickory to walnut to European oak, each kind of wood has its own characteristics and performance qualities that make it different from the next. 

Thus, it is critical to consider your visual preferences, economic needs, and durability needs for your lifestyle when deciding on which sort of hardwood flooring to choose.

Type Of Subfloor

Sometimes, the type of subfloor you have can help you decide what kind of wood flooring you’ll need to finish your wood home. 

 Almost any subfloor may be used as a foundation for a new floor. If you plan to install above the joists, use caution. Your flooring must be at least 18 mm thick.

Choose A Grade Over Prime

Wood is graded by the amount and size of knots, sap, and colour variations. They range from spotless (Prime) to crowded (Rustic) and everything in between (Classic and Character). 

If you choose a grade other than Prime, insist on huge sample boards to better understand regional differences. 

Installation Is Vital.

Installation is as vital as the flooring itself. You will require expert counsel and professional services. Wooden flooring can be glued down or left floating, depending on the planks, the locking method, the area to be covered, etc. 

Usually, large-scale installations are glued down to keep things in place. If you have a small space, you can go floating.  

Consult the correct people for your floor installation.

Pay Extra Attention

Wooden floors need to be dry mopped first, then damp mopped. Lacquered floors are easier to keep clean than oiled surfaces that require frequent cleaning.

If you have a hard wax floor, you’ll need to pay extra attention and keep it clean. 

Go For the Right Brand

When you buy hardwood flooring, be crystal clear that the products come with the right brand guarantee and warranty. Choose a well-known brand and make sure you will get the best quality and service.


Congratulations! You can add a touch of class and elegance with stunning timber flooring with the above guide.

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