How to choose the color of wood floor?

How to choose the color of wood floor? Decoration style with Nordic, Bohemian, Coastal, Rustic, Shabby chic, Luxury, Urban,Minimalist Etc.

Light, medium, white, dark, gray, brown, How should so many floor colors choose? For example, home decoration like reddish brown, but with what color furniture is good, if not, will the home become a mess? What kind of furniture should the white floor match? Is the color of the white floor too cold?

Part 1

Choose the floor according to the indoor lighting

For the room with bad lighting, it is best to choose a light color system and a single texture floor. It is important to note that you must choose a single texture floor. If you choose a complex texture of the floor, it will make the impression of the interior become chaotic, it appears that the whole room is very crowded. And for a room with good lighting, you can choose either a dark floor or a light color flooring, and there are not so many requirements for the floor texture.

wood flooring color

Part 2

Choose the floor according to the area

If the room area is small, you can choose the light color department, fine texture floor, which will give people a bright and open feeling of the overall space. If the room area is large, you can choose a darker, relatively coarse texture wood floor, which will make the whole space become compact.

wood flooring color

Part 3

Choose the floor according to the decoration style

For the style of home decoration, at present, people’s favorite is the simple atmosphere, more durable Nordic style of home decoration. This is because Nordic style of home decoration is very simple, even if a long time will not let people produce aesthetic fatigue! If in order to better match the design of Nordic style, you can choose light color flooring. If you want to make the space warm, you can choose light log color; if you like cold color, you can choose gray or white color. For collocation, the most classic floor tone is black + white + grey, this color matching will never be out of date, and there will be no mistakes!

Part 4

Choose the floor according to the demand

In daily life, people usually like to wear dark clothes, because dark clothes are more resistant to dirty, and light color clothes will be very obvious once they encounter dirt. As far as the floor is concerned, there will be a dark layer of dust on the floor, as long as there is dirt on the surface. In contrast, the light color floor is more resistant to dirt, so in terms of practicability and good care, it is recommended to choose light color flooring!

Part 5

Choose the floor according to the function of indoor space.

In the layout of the house, the living room is the most open space in the home, and it is also the most commonly used place for daily activities and entertaining guests. Therefore, the selection of the living room floor can adopt the floor with clear and natural wood texture and soft color, so as to create a bright and harmonious overall atmosphere.

And for the bedroom, it is for people to rest, is to make the tired day’s family relax. Therefore, the floor of bedroom can be chosen warm color or neutral color wood flooring, in order to make the whole bedroom look quiet and comfortable. For the bedroom floor color, you can choose a slightly darker color, which will not let the floor return light, especially at night, making the whole bedroom space more warm! For the elderly and children’s room, choose a soft warm color floor is a better choice.

This is because the soft floor tone can make people feel comfortable and happy, with appropriate furnishings, can play a very good effect. In such an environment, whether people are studying or resting, they will feel more comfortable.

wood flooring color

Finally, I would like to introduce the collocation skills of the most commonly used light yellow floor

(1) Pink + white + light wood floor Collocation: what we need to pay attention to here is to control the amount of pink used! At most, it should not exceed 30% of the overall space;

(2) log color + gray white floor Collocation: this color matching is very fresh and simple, but it should be noted that the complex decoration and deep color should be used carefully in this kind of space;

(3) white + Blue + light wood floor Collocation: This is the classic collocation of simple European style. The clean color collocation and light yellow floor can add a trace of warmth to the space;

(4) White + grass green + Blue + light yellow floor Collocation: can give the whole space vitality and youth dynamic;

(5) White fabric + light blue wall + light yellow floor Collocation: this collocation is fresh and durable, without losing elegant, especially suitable for bedroom space. Imagine that you can serve a cup of tea in such a space, sit quietly on the floor and read a book. What a pleasant thing it is.

6) White storage area + light wood floor Collocation: this collocation is very simple and fresh;

(7) White wall + high saturation light wood floor + Japanese accessories: Muji style Japanese accessories can be matched with wooden hangers, cotton and hemp curtains.

If you want to fit in with the decoration style and have personal characteristics when you decorate, you should choose the color of the floor well, and do not follow the trend of imitation. Popularization is not necessarily the right choice, but according to their own situation, the floor will definitely have a good effect.

How to choose the color of wood floor? Decoration style with Nordic, Bohemian,Coastal, Rustic, Shabby chic, Luxury, Urban,Minimalist Etc.

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