The tips for flooring cleaning and maintenance

How to cleaning,maintenance and care for wood flooring,laminate floors and spc flooring.

The tips for floors cleaning and maintenance

It’s the season of autumn in the southern hemisphere, but there is a lot of dust in our homes in this season as well. Today, I will share the tips for floor cleaning and maintenance to you.

1. Use a mop to clean the dust on the floor (Recommended by wood flooring,laminate floors,Spc flooring)

Firstly, put the dry woolen wiper on the flat mop, and spray some dust adsorbent on the wiper, and then wipe the floor surface, the hair and dust will be absorbed on the woolen wiper. Finally, remove the wipers, wash with water, and dry for use.

All processes do not require cleaning agents, because no matter which care agent is used, it will more or less tarnish the floor surface.

2. Wipe with a dry mop (Recommended by wood flooring,laminate floors,spc flooring)

This method is suitable for cleaning solid wood floorboard or engineering wood timber, which is also the way that has the least impact on the floorboard surface.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean (Recommended by wood flooring,laminate floorboard,spc flooring)

If you bought hand-crafted timber or have more corners in your home, the vacuum cleaner can achieve an ideal effect when it is cleaning the deeper textures and side seams of the flooring.

4. Floor waxing (Recommended by Wax oiled wood flooring )

By reading the “product description” of hardwood wax, most customers will come to the conclusion that once the floor wax is used, it can achieve many effects such as cleaning, protection, glazing, maintenance, repairing and so on. To be precise, the main function of floor waxing is protection. In view of the continuous enhancement of the protection craft of the flooring, the demand for the protection function of engineering wood flooring or laminate flooring is close to 0. But for waxed oiled wood flooring floor waxing is good for care and maintenance.

5. Floor cleaner (recommended by laminate floorboard and spc floorboard)

As for floor cleaners, there has been no product that is specifically suitable for home use and use on solid wood or engineering wood floors (most cleaners need to be diluted with water and need to be equipped with related equipment). Therefore, floor cleaners are mainly suitable for commercial engineering floors that are not sensitive to acid, alkali and water immersion, such as plastic floors.

maintenance and care for wood flooring,laminate floors and spc flooring.

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