What’s the best flooring for living rooms?

What’s the best choice between laminate and wood flooring for living rooms?

Many people prefer laying the wood floors and laminate flooring in the living room while decorating their home since such natural, comfortable texture makes our feet feel warm and cozy. Visually, it looks beautiful and gorgeous; meanwhile, in the public zone, such as the living room, considering the maintenance and upkeep of wooden floor or laminate flooring.

Actually, if you pay attention to details in living, laying wooden or laminate flooring in the living room has several advantages. Especially for the following families, wooden or laminate flooring is actually a better choice.

Homy white wood flooring in living room

1.Facing north, the living room is not bright enough

If your living room faces north or dark, just lay a wooden floor or laminate. The reason is simple: without enough sunshine, plus cold tiles, the room is cold and dim. Well, summer is fine, but what about winter, spring, and autumn? Have you prepared for the situation of “air conditioner cooling”?

If your living room is not so large, the light is normal or even insufficient; we advise you to use a light-colored wooden floor or laminate. Using light color will not show obvious sectors in your living room and will not make the space look narrow. On the contrary, it magnifies the space of your living room.

Smoked hardwood flooring is popular of world
Antico wood flooring in living room
The advantage of hardwood and laminate flooring in living room
Homy wood flooring for living room

2.Have an elderly or children at home

If there is an elder or children at home, just choose a wooden or laminate floor for sure. Ceramic tile is harder than wooden floors. Once the children or the elderly fall off, the accident will cause regret for your whole life. A wooden or laminate floor keeps a balance between soft and hard, so it feels comfortable. If you have children or an elderly at home, a wooden floor is much safer, which would cause less damage when the accident happens sometimes.

For those who have rheumatism or unable to walk normally, a wooden floor or laminate flooring seems to be a better choice because it can reduce pain and torture by the disease.

The flexibility of wood or laminate can keep them safe. Some natural materials given off by wood or laminate are beneficial to human bodies.

The advantage of hardwood and laminate flooring in living room
The living rooms for Krono laminate flooring
The living rooms for hard wood flooring

3.Planning a second decoration

Generally speaking, the second decoration period is 5-8 years. If you want to change floor material because of eye strain, a wooden floor is easy to replace, while ceramic tile is difficult. When moving your home, it is convenient to make a wooden floor away from your new home, while ceramic tile can only be left to the next householder. A wooden floor can be recycled and secondly used, but ceramic tile has to be paid for transportation.

The advantage of hardwood and laminate flooring in living room
The advantage of hardwood and laminate flooring in living room

4.Like staying at home with bare feet

If you are used to walking on the floor with bare feet, then choose a wooden floor because it makes you comfortable when touching the wooden floor with bare feet and cold in winter. It is enjoyable to sit on the floor, watching TV. If you like a warm, natural home atmosphere, why not laying the wooden floor in your living room.

5. The price range

so many different flooring options well suited to the living room, the range of styles and designs available are almost limitless. Maybe the price is one of key points. following with:

wood flooring laminate flooring
From $50/m2 to $200/m2 upFrom $12.88/m2 to $80/m2 up

6. Other

Need more information of flooring, here is 26 key points of wood flooring and advantages of laminate flooring.


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