9 Tips to Take Care of Your Wooden Flooring

9 Tips to Take Care Wooden Flooring

We have taken the uncertainty of keeping your hardwood flooring, no matter what type you place in your house. You cannot go wrong if you follow these helpful recommendations.

Let’s start by outlining the numerous types of wooden flooring on the market: Solid hardwood, manufactured hardwood, reed, laminate, vinyl plank, timber tile, and lastly, cork flooring are the most apparent options. Laminate and hardwood flooring are the most popular options for various reasons.

These two are not only beautiful but also incredibly useful. Some people believe hardwood is preferable to laminate, yet the latter offers various advantages. Cleaning and caring for the wooden floors, on the other hand, require the same straightforward approach.  Let’s see those approach.

Use the Right Product

Consider the goods you will use for cleaning wood floors since essential home items might quickly produce undesirable outcomes. Some household goods have a very high pH value, so they might peel the finish, discolor the wood, and leave your floor exposed. Use WOCA Wood Cleaner and different wood soaps, such as WOCA Natural Soap, to clean your wood flooring. These solutions have been designed specifically for cleaning and maintaining wood floors most cautiously and effectively.

Use Two Buckets

To clean the floor correctly, you will need two buckets: one with the soap solution and another with pure water to rinse the mop. As needed, pour some water into the second bucket. This two-bucket cleaning approach keeps the floor from acquiring a yellowish sheen due to filthy water.

Use the Specialized Wood Cleaner

Surface tension occurs when a basic repair or upkeep substance does not permeate the wood. It is frequently spotted on fresh and dried-out wood flooring. Thorough cleaning with a specialised wood cleaner minimizes surface tension, enabling excellent treatment results.

Use Specific Cleaning Product

If you clean your lacquered floor using a cleaning fluid with a high pH value, you will gradually harm the lacquer and leave the surface exposed in the long term. Cleaning must be done with a specially formulated soap, such as WOCA Vinyl and Lacquer Soap. This pH-neutral soap eliminates grime and oil from the surface while leaving the lacquer finish untouched.

Proprely Vaccum the Floor

Once a week, vacuum or clean the wooden floor with a tightly pressed mop to remove debris from troublesome areas such as gaps between hardwood pieces and corners. If you’re using a vacuum, ensure the wheels or beater bar don’t scratch the floor. When using a mop, ensure there is no extra water on it.

Use Ice to Remove Sticky Things

If something sticky, such as chewing gum or wax, falls on a hardwood floor, avoid scratching it. Instead, solidify them with ice and gently scrape them with a plastic scraper.

Wooden flooring adds value to any home by giving it a nice aesthetic. It is both beautiful and long-lasting. Ignoring it might cause it to discolour and scrape with age or use and shrink and expand with the weather. Remember that keeping your wooden flooring will require time and care, but it is well worth it.

Use Polish Instead of Acrylic Waxes

The surface of hardwood flooring is renewed and refreshed by polishing. It should be done every few weeks to fill in tiny scratches and smooth out the protective shell of the floor. This procedure involves minimal effort. On a wooden floor, use polishing instead of acrylic waxes. Wax makes a base appear drab and slippery.

Apply Easy-to Use Product

Keeping a slippery floor is now simpler than ever, thanks to WOCA Oil Care, which can be implemented manually without the use of a polishing machine. WOCA Oil Care gives the floor extra hardwearing capabilities in the upper pore layer and a lovely matt look. The Oil Care dries quickly, enabling the carpet to be used safely after 1 hour.

Use Natural Clothes to Clean Wet Floor

When wood floors are damp, use a natural fibre cloth instead of paper towels, which can leave lint behind and harm the surface.


The wood floor mat is a simple method to protect your flooring if someone wanders in with dirty feet or beside a sink. Putting felt pads on the bottoms of any furniture you are moving can also assist in protecting the wooden floor.

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