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How to laying my wood, laminate, spc flooring?

About the flooring paving, there are many ways, the effect is also very good-looking.

However, how many people will notice the direction of floor pavement? Horizontal paving, vertical paving, staggered paving or oblique paving? Which paving method can present the best effect of the floor? Quickly follow the editor to understand the direction of wood, laminate or spc flooring paving these principles.

wide vision

The principle of “opening the door to see the seam” is a wood, laminate or spc flooring paving method that many people will adopt. That is, from the door to the living room, the wood floor can lead the visual extension, naturally and comfortably enter the space, and explore a more clear and open small world. Parallel to the line of sight, the wooden, laminate or spc flooring is fresh and elegant. It is laid indoors, comfortable and pleasant without losing its style.

how to laying wood flooring

Along the light

The wood floor is paved along the light outside the window, which can make the overall visual sense more fluent, and make the fine texture on the wooden, laminate or spc flooring more vivid, so that the whole space is full of vitality. The warm and bright sunlight, through the open window, shines into the interior from the outside, setting off the wood, laminate or spc flooring extending in the same direction, layer by layer, which makes the vertical feeling of the space more vivid and the vision more open.

how to laying laminate
how to laying laminate

Same direction

Along with the overall structure and layout direction of the main space, the wooden, laminate or spc flooring can be better integrated into the whole, so that the ground, wall and top are integrated. Simple and exquisite home decoration design, with “along the direction” and the wooden, laminate or spc flooring, make the space more transparent and wide.

how to laying spc flooring

Enriching the space level

In the bedroom, the direction of wooden, laminate or spc flooring pavement is usually perpendicular to the direction of bedding, with crisscross lines and textures, enhance the sense of hierarchy of space, so that the bedroom appears more full. The warm and pure characteristics of the wooden, laminate or spc flooring make the bedroom a layer of soft aesthetic feeling and enjoy the care of home in the natural and quiet. There are thousands of floor styles and paving methods. I hope all of you can pick the floor that you like.

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