Engineered Nature oak lacquered flooring-190mmx14mm

Engineered wood flooring | Atwood floors Fashion l | 1900 x 190 mm |

Product thickness: 14 mm | 3mm Oak top-layer |

Lacquer finished |Multi-layer base |

Product code: FP09


wood American white Oak flooring timber

The noble sophistication of American white oak flooring has always fascinated those looking for class and excellence in home furnishings. The fine veining and natural color nuances, achieve very impressive aesthetic results, combining elegance and originality. The resistance of wood keeps the beauty of an oak floor unchanged over time.

American white oak is a beautiful stained floor. Each engineered wood board comes 190mm wide and 1900mm in length, making them suitable for most rooms regardless of the size. They come micro-beveled, to accentuate each plank subtly, and with a smooth finish, to slightly bounce of some light, but not too much.

With a classic natural oak tone, it gives a laid-back, welcoming feel. Even though living in a downtown area, it still feels the breath of nature. The manufacturer uses paint to paint the floorboard, it has a uniform surface gross which looks very clean and comfortable. what is more, it feels like the silk smooth sense of reality, exquisitely, the white and tender feeling.

Floating floors are not directly fixed to the subfloor but are instead laid over an underlay without any glue. It is suitable for any type of flooring apart from solid wood flooring. The cost of installation of floating is lower than glue down and easy to maintain and replace.

The glue-down method involves fixing the floor directly to the substrate using an adhesive. Glue down is very suitable for real wood flooring since it will minimize the expansion and contraction of real wood products so that the stability of the floor after installation is best.

A wide-plank American white oak will best enhance the space, helping it to appear less cluttered and larger than it really is. a smaller pattern may make the room appear too busy.

wood American white Oak flooring timber


Wood species:European oak
Install type:Click-lock
Bevel edge:Micro Bevel
Profile connection:Gluing
Plank length: 1900mm with 80%
Product thickness: 14mm
Product wide: 190mm
Top-layer: 3mm
Package content: 2.888 sqm
Wood features: A very large quantity
Product grade: Natural
Pack weight: 28.75kg
Collection variant: Atwood Fashion Plus
Application areas: Living room
Bed room
Kitchen* E3/AS1
Installation method Glue down&Floating

Technical and Data Sheet

Download Technical Data Sheet FP09

Download water impermeability testing report