Nice Natural Oak wooden flooring

Nice Natural Oak wooden flooring, Timber and hardwood.

There are many engineered natural color lacquered oak wooden flooring in Floorco, including Multi-layer and three-layer of 150mm*14mm.

About the natural oak lacquer coating, it is tough and lasts longer without flaking, chipping, and cracking, protecting flooring from weather wear and tear. Besides, lacquer is thinner, which can make it penetrate deeper, providing a durable seal that protects the flooring from the inside out, making it harder for mold to get in and grow. What’s more, lacquer can remain clear for years without the yellowing usually associated with varnish, polyurethane, or shellac. In addition, the lacquer finished surface is easier to clean and wipe off than other finish ways.

natural wooden flooring very nice flooring

From the aesthetic point of view, the smooth lacquered finish gives a real depth to this wooden floor. Meanwhile, the beveled edges help to create a feeling of days gone by. This combination creates a sleeker look and make the flooring looks especially good in a modern setting despite the vintage appearance.

Regards as the product size, Engineered natural wood board comes 190mm and 150mm wide and 1900mm length, making them suitable for most rooms. A wider plank will best enhance the space, helping it to appear less cluttered and larger than it really is. In contrast, a narrow size plank or smaller pattern may make the room appear too busy.

As for the color, the Natural Oak is the most classical color. With the classic natural oak tones, it gives a laid-back, welcoming, pure feeling, and a warm and soft feeling. Even though living in a downtown area, it still feels the breath of nature.

About the color matching, the wood-colored floor is easy to match with other colors, because the wood color floor has a very distinct natural atmosphere. The most common matching is white walls and white roofs with wood-colored floors (as is shown in photos). This combination is conservative, and one of the most classic. Besides, the natural lacquered wood color floor has a good brightening effect, used in houses with insufficient lighting, and can play an excellent effect of improving the overall brightness.

Regards as the installation, Our Natural oak flooring can be installed both two ways by floating and glue down, depending on the customers’ requirements. The biggest highlight is the hand-made stair nosing (as is shown in photos), which is 100% matched with the ground flooring. The hand-made stairs can make the whole house more harmonious with the flooring.

Nice Natural Oak wooden flooring, Timber and hardwood.

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