Misunderstanding of floorboard

Misunderstanding of laminate, wood and spc flooring.

The customers often fall into the following three misunderstandings when they buy the floorboard. But, I will analyze these misunderstandings for you today, so that you can make more rational choices when you buy the laminate flooring or wooden.

Misunderstanding 1

The health, beauty, and durability of single piece flooring = the health, beauty, and durability of the overall flooring after installation

In fact, the health, beauty, and durability of a single piece is only one aspect of the overall flooring health, beauty, and durability. Only the integral floor after installation can be protected against falling off, cracking, and lifting during long-term use, and the health, beauty, and durability of the overall flooring can be guaranteed. Otherwise, it will inevitably affect the flooring appearance, hide dirt and grow bacteria for a long time, and then affect the durability of the laminate flooring or wood

Misunderstanding 2

Flooring price = consumer’s purchase cost

In fact, Consumer’s purchase cost = material cost + installation cost + use cost. The use cost (which should include maintenance cost, service life, psychological feelings and impact on health) largely determines the consumer’s real purchase cost.

Misunderstanding 3

Installation quality = construction quality

In fact, Installation quality = Flooring joint process + construction quality.

The joint process of flooring plays a very important role in the overall installation quality. The superior joint lock system and the joint process are the foundations to achieve a firm and stable connection between the floorboards, without cracking or falling off.

Misunderstanding of laminate, wood and spc flooring.

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